Celebrating Buonanotte 2-Year Anniversary!


Written by: Adeoye Lawal

Buonanotte Restaurant is the lifestyle destination for the Canadian chic and trendy, a sensual new approach in the art of socializing and dining. Every sublime mouthful of Buonanotte’s metropolitan creation is testament to their commitment to delivering pure italian modern cuisine, Ranging from capricciosa pizza to croissants and bomboloni. Patrons can dine and celebrate in splendor with the chef in a kitchen specially equipped with items from a home kitchen innovation. And last week, Buonanotte celebrated its 2-year anniversary, thanking all the family, friends and clients who have been supportive to this awesome restaurant.

The vibrant lighting separates it from every other restaurant in the city of Toronto. The cocktail and champagne bar is a shrine to liquid perfection and the servers are world class when it comes to serving and also when it comes to mixing drinks. I would say it has a bar that never sleeps, in the entertainment district in the city of Toronto. I will recommend this restaurant to anyone due to a hands down exciting first experience.


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