Chef’s Plate – Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep


Looks like my dinner plans for the upcoming week are all set coz my Chef’s Plate has arrived!

What is Chef’s Plate? It is delicious Chef Prepared Meals using only the Freshest Ingredients that delivers to your door!

I would like to give a special thank you to Raymond @travellinfoodie for the special $75 promo code so I can try this grocery delivery service.

Ordering Chef’s Plate was pretty easy and simple! I went to the website, create an account and provide my mailing address and credit card INFO. There are so options to choose the Chef’s Plate. I can choose meal portion for 2 people or 4 people and 2 meals per week or 4 meals per week, there are so many options that can cater to your lifestyle. You can even choose when you want the food being delivered to your resident. In my case, I chose to request my food to be delivered on Sunday morning which they said will be delivered from a timeslot between 8:00 to 11:00 am and it was delivered at around 9:30 am outside my doorstep (you can request specific instructions to where you want to drop the food to).

If you want Chef’s Plate to not deliver for a few weeks, you can pause your order. There are also a number of meals that you can choose. For some choices, you may have to add an addition of $2 or $3 if the meals consist of some more high end ingredients but it makes sense though. If you want a meal with salmon, you just add more money. So, there are so many options.

In my case, I chose to order 4 different meals for 2 people portion. Here is the list of food items on the menu.

When I opened the box, all the ingredients are there. It’s nicely packaged and when it arrived, there were all the ice pack at the bottom of the box to keep my ingredients fresh. I also saw 4 brown bags filled with ingredients for each meal that I had chosen. This is much appreciated as it’s more organized and I don’t have to worry what ingredient is for which meal coz they are being organized in each bag.

They also provided cooking instructions for each meal that I chose and it’s very nicely done in a nicely designed sheet.

Stay tuned on what I will be cooking this week.

Click here to find out more about Chef’s Plate and get some promo codes or deals if you are interested to give Chef’s Plate a try.

Here is the FAQ about Chef’s Plate.


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