Che’s Famous Fish and Chips: 9 Freshwater Road Location – St. John’s, Newfoundland


When I was on my press trip to St. John’s, Newfoundland, my friends and my followers told me that I should try the famous fish and chips with dressing at the Ches’s Famous Fish & Chips.

So I was like, “Why dressing? How does salad dressing and fish n chips work together? It doesn’t really make any sense?”. But since many of my peeps suggested me to try, I decided to explore and visit one of the restaurant’s many locations. As I checked its many locations, the 9 Freshwater Road was the closest location to Delta Hotels by Marriott (where I stayed for this trip).

When I arrived at the restaurant, it’s a very basic and simple looking restaurant. It’s not fancy or chic looking per say, but it looked very inviting and cozy, it felt as if I was visiting someone’s house for dinner, so I enjoyed that very much. I was greeted by a friendly staff, she told me I could sit at any table of my choice. I decided to sit at a spot near the beautiful Christmas tree. It’s very festive in here as there were Christmas decor on the windows and all over the dining area.

The food menu was quite extensive, from fish and chips to burgers to fried chicken, fried seafood from scallops to shrimps and fries. I asked the server what will be the iconic dish for a tourist such as myself, she suggested me try the fish and chips (1 piece) with a small dressing and gravy. So, I took on her suggestion. Additionally, I ordered a bottle of Iceberg beer as I heard it’s an amazing beer here in Newfoundland, made by the Quidi Vidi Brewery.

After about 10 minutes, my dish had arrived. Apparently, the “dressing” is like the stuffing we have for our turkey dinner, additionally, there were grain of onions along with some herbs in the stuffing. Server suggested me to combine it with the gravy. I decided to sprinkle the stuffing onto the hand cut fries and some part of the fish, followed by pouring on the gravy on the dish. It’s actually quite interesting and it’s an unique way of tasting the fish and fries. I don’t mind it.

The batter on the fish was light but crispy. Server told me when most food menu don’t specify what fish it was, we would assume it’s a cod, otherwise, they will specify other fish types if it’s not cod. The hand cut fries were phenomenal.

As I was looking at the food menu, 1 food item I really wanted to try was the “Cod Tongues“, but unfortunately, the server said it’s seasonal and isn’t available during the winter season. Boo! That means I have to come back to St. John’s to try this delicacy. I wonder to know what fried cod tongues taste like, especially interested in its texture.

When you visit Newfoundland, I highly recommend you to give the “dressing” a try and enjoy the tradition. And if there is a Che’s Famous Fish and Chips near you, it’s a MUST VISIT.

MoVernie FUN FACT: Did you know…..Ches’s Famouse Fish and Chips have been serving the Newfoundland neighbourhood for 60 years? It all started back in 1951 when Ches Barbour, along with his wife decided to open a fish and chips shop in Newfoundland. Every morning, he will take his little fish catching boat and catch whatever fishes he could find, came back to the shop and serve fish and chips to its customers. Now, there are many locations.

Che’s Famous Fish and Chips
Address: 9 Freshwater Road (this was the location that I visited)
Phone: (709) 726-2373

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In order for me to explore what St. John’s, Newfoundland has to offer, this press trip from the flights to accommodation were provided by Air Canada. However, my visit to the Ches’s Famous Fish and Chips and the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


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