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As many of you saw my recent posts that Ramen Ishhin has take home ramen kits for the “White Sesame Shio” and “Roasted Garlic Shoyu”. To add to the ramen family, they have added a 3rd one and it’s the “Chicken Ramen”. Although ramen are normally served with pork, but serving chicken meat is still part of the ramen culture, providing people with an additional ramen option.

I have to say, this was the 1st time that I have eaten chicken ramen and I enjoyed it. So, I was keeping an open mind. Now, to be honest, whether it’s Chinese soup noodles or Vietnamese soup noodles, I don’t usually order chicken meat coz the restaurants usually over cook the chicken meat and it’s just hard to chew. I understand that chicken has to be cooked perfectly as they don’t want to undercook and causing people with food poisoning.

Anyhow, I was super impressed when I tried the Ramen Isshin chicken ramen kit. I was told by the executive at Ramen Isshin that they have Sous Vide the chicken first, no wonder when I took my 1st bite, the meat was so tender and juicy. I also enjoyed the peppery aroma and flavour on the chicken. As for the broth, it had a nice and clean broth and the toppings included the green onions, bamboo shoots, woodear fungus. It’s a nice and simple bowl of ramen.

MoVernie Final Verdict: Overall, I enjoyed my bowl of chicken ramen kit. How do I say this….let’s say if you are used to trying the Ramen Isshin white sesame shio or the roasted garlic shoyu which are more rich and heavy flavoured, the chicken ramen is a welcome and refreshing alternative option. Sometimes, you just want something different and switch it up. For customers who want a more clear and simple bowl of ramen, the chicken ramen is definitely a good option.

Furthermore, for the people who have religious reasons and couldn’t eat pork, you can now order the chicken ramen. So, I think the chicken ramen kit is a nice addition.

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The ramen kits were provided by Ramen Isshin. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

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