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Last night, I went to Chivas 1801 event held at UpCountry furniture store, located at 310 King Street East. Wait a minute, an event inside a furniture store, you ask? Yup, this is the latest cool trend for attending events. Lots of events are being held at furniture stores, art stores, office turned parties or other artsy places. It helps promote the store and also providing an unique place for cool people to attend events. It’s an innovative win-win situation. I was at another Chivas 1801 event held during FashionWeek, celebrating the new location of GotStyle 2 weeks ago and had a great time. Thus, I had decided to go to this Chivas 1801 party.

Got to say their guest list system was extremely impressive! They allow you to register yourself on Facebook on the day of before 4pm. Alot of events, you can’t register within 2 hours of the event. Most of the times, your name wouldn’t be there. But with this Facebook system, my name was there.

As I stepped into the store, you see greeters everywhere greeting you with a smile and of course, voucher for free Chivas drinks. As I looked up the upper level, DJ was spinning awesome beats, kicking in great sound and vibe! I walked downstairs, put my coat on a rack and went to the bathroom. Wow! What a lovely bathroom that was. A lovely mirror, chandelier light fixture along with a nice comfy chair, all in a bathroom, nicely done!

I grabbed my first drink at the lower level, there were 3 drinks you could choose from. I chose the straight up Chivas. Man, it was smooth! We toured around the furniture store. Man, this place was huge! Lots of interesting furniture from sofas, desks, dining tables to accessories. These are not your typical furniture, they were quite unique and authentic. They are great for people who want to be different from the typical IKEA furniture bought by their friends. Imagine yourself purchasing a classic ice cream maker or a hand-carry television (check out the gallery).

As I walked upstairs, even better, one of the showrooms had a lovely, horizontal fireplace. The flames in it gave the showroom a cozy warm vibe. One of the sections had a Chivas staff explaining the history of the scotch and various ways to drink it! Fruit platter, nuts, snacks and Hors d’oeuvre were everywhere. It’s just amazing sipping Chivas, having finger foods and spending time with your friends in various sections of the showrooms. Each showroom gave me a different experience of drinking Chivas!
I am looking forward to the next Chivas event! Good times!

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