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First time visiting the Chotto Matte Toronto and I felt in love! This place is conveniently located right across the Union Station and in the heart of the financial district. This place is super spacious, the entrance is a bit of an odd location but once I went in, it has high ceiling, artistic graffiti and great decor. I luv the decor, the vibe, the music and it has excellent service. All the staff are friendly, from the greeter to the hostess to our server.

MoVernie Fun Fact: Did you know…that Chotto Matte also have locations in Miami, Florida as well as London, UK?

We opted for the Tasting Menu called Nikkei Tasting Menu 2, which is meant to have food dishes being shared among 2 people. There are a number of food items, at least 8 courses I believe. The best part? They don’t all come at once, they pace it timely, we were told that there will be no more than 2 dishes on our table at one time. They will only serve new dishes once we finish 1 or 2 of the dishes on our table. Tasting Menu is good when they offer a variety of food. There are many different stations at Chotto Matte, from sushi, sashimi, ceviche, tempura, cooked food and grilled skewers. Everything tastes great with the tasting menu and we were full as the portion are generous.

ONLY drawback was that, I don’t know why the spicy tuna came to us last, I mean, sushi should come first or early on the tasting menu as our palate are still fresh to taste the tuna and sushi coz after eating all the more heavy duty cooked food with sauces, it’s just hard to really taste the sushi. And by the way, the spicy tuna was just average, nothing wow or special, the rice was a bit hard and tuna was a bit typical. anyhow, I wish they offer tasting menu that are more focus on the sushi and sashimi component but to be honest, I will recommend the tasting menu to try for at least one time, coz the variety of dishes give you a sense of what Chotto Matte has to offer.

In particular, I really like the Nikkei Sashimi which consists of seabass, cherry tomatoes, coriander, yuzu and truffle soy. Also, the black cod with miso sauce is amazing. They are my top picks.

NOTE: The chefs maybe addicted to onions, coz almost every dish, they put coriander and onions. I personally love onions and it added flavour and plate presentation to the dish but for some, they may hate onions, so if you hate onions, please inform the server about it.

But since there was only a spicy tuna sushi as part of the tasting menu, I have to come back and order a few sushi rolls to have a better idea if the sushi is good or not. I always give a restaurant a second chance just to make sure the first time experience was not a fluke.

In terms of cocktails, there are quite a selection and they are all very social media worthy and tasty. However, cocktails ranged from $14 to $25, which could be a bit pricey.

This place isn’t your typical cheap sushi joint, it could be pricey from bento box at $38 or torched sushi with only 4 or 5 pcs at $27 but these are very standard prices in the downtown financial district. Similar prices to Ki; Miku or Kasa Moto, but you get what you pay for.

Be sure to check out the artistic washrooms up on the 2nd level, you feel like you are in a glow-in-the-dark art show. Ladies did told me that the resto is quite big that when they are in heels, it could be painful or walking up the stairs to the washrooms, so perhaps wear more comfy shoes if you may.

Overall, I enjoy this restaurant. I will definitely come back. It also feels like a SpeakEasy coz its entrance is in a bit of a hidden low-key area, you feel like you are in paradize, but once you walk out of the door, you feel like back to reality again with people coming off work on a daily routine basis. So, Chotto Matte is a fun place to be.

Chotto Matte Toronto
Address: 161 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2S1
Phone: (416) 988-8097


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