Christmas Chang’s Family Turkey Dinner


During the Christmas holiday, it’s also our Chang’s Traditional Turkey Dinner made by our father “aka Chef Daddy”.

Instead of using traditional western stuffing, he replaced it with Steam Chinese Sticky Rice. It’s super delicious. He will first steam the Chinese Steam Rice in a rice cooker to ensure the rice were semi-cooked. Then, he stuffed them into the turkey. He also allow the meat and juice from the turkey meat to penetrate into the rice to give it an unique flavour. Any of the turkey meat juice will be gathered to make the turkey gravy.

He also make boiled carrorts, boiled brussels sprouts (my favourite). “Jacket” potatos and he made his very own creamy mashed potato from scratch.

He spent the entire day shopping for all these groceries and another day to cook this special traditional Chang’s Annual Turkey Family Dinner.

I would like to thank Chef Daddy for his hardwork for always cooking up a great meal.

As for the sushi and sashimi, it’s always our favourite appetizer to start off the evening.

Thanks dad!

Merry Christmas to all of you! Best wishes!


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