Classic Fish & Chips – Georgetown, Ontario, Canada


My 1st time visiting Classic Fish & Chips and I really enjoyed my meal. I happened to check out the Dominion Gardens Park which is located right across the Classic Fish & Chips. After the walk, I was super hungry and decided to grab some fish & chips. However, the resto was closed, but you know what? The owner saw me standing outside checking out the menu, she came out and greeted me and told me that she can still get me my meal. So I did.

I ordered the Friday Special: $8.49 + tax that includes 2 pcs of white fish and chips. For my meal, I ordered a can of pop, with the Friday’s special and the drink, it came to a total of $11.30. That’s pretty good value! I checked its menu, every 2 days, they have a different fish for special. I like how they will prepare the meal fresh for every order. I enjoyed the service. The lady was very kind, courteous, asked me if I need straw for my drink, tartar sauce for my meal. I was impressed of the packaging, they taped my meal with a box and a wrapping paper.

The white fish was nicely battered, golden fresh oil, it was nice and hot temperature. The chips were in hot temperature, and generous amount, however, my chips weren’t crispy at all, so I don’t know if it’s coz I ordered late and they were closing so they just want to rush it. However, I am willing to come back and give it a 2nd try for the chips.

This is an amazing place to eat in Georgetown with great value and reasonable price. I highly recommend Classic Fish & Chips. Once again! Thanks for letting me in even your resto just closed for maybe 15 mins so that I didn’t get starve. If I didn’t get to taste your food, I wouldn’t be able to know how tasty it was! THANK YOU!

MoVernie TIP: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people still opt to order take out or not dine inside the restaurant. I suggest you pick up your food and walk across the Dominion Gardens Park and just eat there. There are tons of benches that you can sit and enjoy the scenery and flowers while enjoying your fish & chips. Or…there are some picnic tables located near the children’s playground. You and your family can enjoy the meal while letting your children play at the playground after.

Classic Fish & Chips – Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
Address: 130 Guelph St, Georgetown, ON L7G 4A5
Phone: (905) 702-1118

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