CNE 2017 (Let’s Go to The Ex) – Things To Do


Yup! The 139th Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) has just started, opening the gates from August 18th all the way to September 4th.

CNE is a tradition for my family to visit every single year and this year is no different. Our family plans to check it out again.

So…..what are some of the things that you should check out when you are at the CNE 2017? This place is just huge, so be prepared to walk, so I suggest you wear comfortable shoes. Depending on the weather, you may also want to bring your umbrellas. Otherwise, there are plenty of buildings or tents around to shelter you from getting wet.

For me personally, it makes me happy every time I spot the Ferris Wheel, it’s just look so beautiful especially during the evening. If you are not afraid of heights, I highly recommend you to buy some ride tix and hop on this Ferris Wheel. It looks good from the ground but look extra gorgeous from up in the air. Nothing is going to obstruct your view up in the air!

MoVernie Twitter/Instagram HotSpot: The CNE Light Sign (new this year), located beside the famous water fountain and near the Bandshell Stage is a perfect spot for Twitter and Instagram opportunities.

But if you prefer to take the Sky Ride, which is like a ski lift that takes you from one side to another, it’s good view as well. It’s quite cool when you are high above, overlooking the 6ix and you are above all the human beings walking beneath you.

Parade is good. It’s not a super long parade but it does its job. You can stand on the curb side and your kids can stand and clap and cheer and floaters will throw beads to you.

The Butter Sculpture display is quite cool, especially they have our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holding the 2 pandas (remember that famous photo?), all carved by a butter artist.

Anyone likes origami? A long exhibit with the “Canada 150” theme are all made by origami. You can see our Parliament Hill, Princess Gates, coast to coast from West Coast to East Coast. What really impresses me is the human being figures, the creators (two of them as I was told) are very detail oriented with each human figure from the clothes, patterns, it’s such a treat to watch. I wonder how much time it took for them to build this exhibit.

To all the foodies, make sure you visit the Food Building. I personally prefer nice and simple food especially in an outdoor, picnic style type of setting. But if you are into weird, odd food items such as the Dragon Puffs, fried chicken feet, fried cheese curds, or other cool food stuff, feel free to try them and let me know of your experience, I luv to hear from you.

If you luv live music, Bandshell Stage and Northern Comfort Salon offers live music. We were checking out the band, “The Box” and it was good! They performed their hit single, “Closer Together“.

Check out the schedule here for Bandshell Stage.

Check out the schedule here for Northern Comfort Salon.

If you like ice skating performances, Canadian Skating Legend Elvis Stojko is back to please the crowd with his amazing skating performances. I had a chance to interview Elvis a few years ago when he also performed here at the CNE. I must say, he is one of the nicest person I ever met and interviewed. Great guy! Check out my interview with Elvis Stojko.

Click here to check out Elvis Stojko’s ice skating schedule.

MoVernie TIP: $8 after 5pm from Mondays to Thursdays. It’s a good deal!

Special thank you to The Ex (CNE) for having us to cover this wonderful annual traditional event!

139th Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)
210 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3



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