CNE 2019 (Let’s Go to The Ex) – August 16 to September 2, 2019 – Toronto, Canada


It’s that time of the year again, CNE 2019 will be held from August 26 to September 2, 2019. For my family, it’s a tradition to spend time together and roam around what CNE has to offer. We have not miss this family tradition.

MoVernie Curious Question: What is your favourite part at the CNE? What is your favourite activity?

Recently, I have been covering lots of concerts, from Drizzy Drake to Neon Dreams to Elijah Woods and Jamie Fine and to just recently back-2-back coverage of the Iron Maiden. I feel like concert is in my blood and I am open to cover different music genre. I think when I check out the CNE website, my favourite part is to check out the “2019 Bandshell Lineup“. I wanted to see who are performing this year and then plan my schedule to attend.

Trust me, enjoying an evening of live music, which is included as part of the CNE admission is a great deal. A summer breeze, live music, drinking a nice tall boy, it’s soothing. From a glance, I may want to cover Johnny Orlando on August 20th (I heard lots of great things from this young sensational artist but don’t know much about his music, so perhaps I will check it out). There is also Tyler Shaw and Delaney Jane. I interviewed Tyler a number of times for my show and he still consistently pump out great music. And there is the legend, Jann Arden on August 24th. I think her fans will be delighted to circle that on their calendar to watch her. I interviewed Jann at the CTV Upfront last year and she is hilarious. She talked about her new show called “Jann” on CTV, which was air just a few months ago.

There is the band “Magic! on August 30th“, which is a very talented group. They will be performing on August 30. I met them during their live performance at the Hauwei P30 Pro launch party a few months ago. They have a number of hit singles. And last but not least, I will want to check out “Walk Off The Earth” on August 31st.

And of course, I will check out the food building and see the new food items being offered this year. To be honest, there are many outrageous wacky food items every single year for people to challenge themselves to indulge.

Check out the schedule here for Bandshell Concerts.

Check out the schedule here for Northern Comfort Salon.

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