ConditCouture: Amazing Pastries & Coffee – Frankfurt, Germany (Frankfurt am Main)


There are many restaurants, bars or cafe options around the Town Square/City Hall in Frankfurt, Germany. But one particular pastry cafe store I highly recommend you to visit is the ConditCouture. It has a variety of unique German pastries, desserts and beautifully decorated cake. A nice piece of cake, coupled with a nice cup of Espresso would make me very happy! 🙂

However, one particular pastry you must order is called “Bethmännchen“. Based on Wikipedia, “Bethmännchen is a pastry made from marzipan with almond, powdered sugar, rosewater, flour and egg. It is a traditional cookie usually baked for Christmas Day and is widely available in chocolate shops around Frankfurt.

Bethmännchen is in a mini small size, considered the size similar to our Canadian Timbits from Tim Hortons. Usually, it comes in a nicely packaged box that fits 8 or 16 or more. My experience? I love it! It’s a nice pastry that is different and can’t find anything like it anywhere else. The aroma is nutty, you could smell the fresh almond at the top and then when you bite into it, it’s nice and soft. I can surely have the entire box to myself, hahaha, but as you know, I always like to share.

ConditCouture is a highly recommended pastry store for Bethmännchen but if you are not able to visit the Town Square, you can also ask around any pastries store near you and you should be able to buy some coz it’s an unique pastry found in Frankfurt.

Fahrtor 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 69 98958174

The private tour was provided by Frankfurt Tourism. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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