Conquest Knight XV Armored SUV – Made in Canada (TIFF Flashback)


TIFF Flashback, as we attended one of the amazing TIFF parties called the “Converge 3.0”, there parked 2 huge SUVs outside the Windsor Arms Hotel.

We went up and spoke with the representative.

This is a made in Canada, armored SUV that priced starting at $500,000+.

The Canadian company name is Conquest. The model name is Knight XV.

We got to climbed up and sat at the driver’s seat, hear the engine roar, check out the front and back interior. Clearly, this is a one-of-a-kind SUV that I would prefer to sit at the back, throwing a party, pumping up some music and popp’in bottles with a chauffeur.

Apparently, I learned about the existence of this car when I read an nba article about how New York Knicks, JR Smith bought one of these SUVs and drove it at the meatpacker district in New York and created a stir.

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