Cortel XO – French Brandy


My dad luvs Brandy and while he was reading the LCBO Holiday Guide, he spotted this Brandy called “Cortel XO” and it’s made in Cognac, France. What’s more attractive is the price, it’s $32.95 CDN that can be found at the LCBO.

I went to the nearby LCBO and it was sold out so I drove a further LCBO store and they still have them.

The packaging looks very nice. The bottle styling looks very nice as well. It’s looks elegant, prestige & show resemblance of other higher end brandy brands.

When we tasted it, it was alright, it does the job. Great aroma and smooth taste. At retail price of $32.95 CDN, it’s an excellent price proposition and it is definitely a great gift for your friends and family. And I will buy it again for my own self enjoyment consumption.

To search for your nearest LCBO stores that carry this Cortel XO, please click here.


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