CraveTO – Craft Beer & Tequila


As many of you know, I love beer, especially during a great sunny day with warm weather, nothing beats an ice-cold fresh beer. In particularly, I love supporting local breweries. In the past and currently, I have often ordered local beers from the SteamWhistle, Mill Street and Amsterdam breweries. But I guess my list of favourite local beers had expanded after I went to CraveTO yesterday because I discovered more local breweries!

So, I got super excited when I got to try them ALL. There were HogtownLeft FieldKensington and Nickel Brook. For people such as my cameraman, he isn’t a beer drinker. Not to worry, Tromba was here to provide him with great Tequila experiences. So, he was quite happy!

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Check out the photos of my craft beer experiences below and be sure to click on the breweries names that will lead you to their respective websites 🙂

Left Field Brewery:

Love the name of the brand, especially one of its beer is called 6-4-3

HogTown Brewers:

HogTown Brewers

Kensington Brewing Company:

Kensington Fish Eye is awesome, especially with a 6.5 ABV

Nickel Brook:

I recommend you to try their Green Apple Pilsener

Trembo Tequila

Love the artwork behind the Tromba display


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