Fun Facts About Lake Tahoe & Nevada


Nevada’s State Mountain Blue Bird
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During this Travel Nevada Press Trip, I learned quite a number of interesting facts and information about Lake Tahoe and the state of Nevada. Of course, by physically being there in person adds a whole new experience and memories.

The most memorable fun fact for me is the slogan used by Travel Nevada, “Don’t Fence Me In”. So, I was curious, what exactly does this mean? Well, Travel Nevada wants everyone to be creative, to be open minded, to think outside the box. Don’t set boundaries, don’t let others tell you how you should live your life. Instead, you should be the one to decide how you should and want to spend your life. Be free, go explore, go see what the state of Nevada has to offer. Believe me, Nevada is a huge state! Every part of the Nevada is different, it’s not just about Las Vegas, there is so much more to explore, the natural landscape and the outdoor activities. So, don’t let anyone to fence you in a corner. Break the fence, be free and explore Nevada!

This slogan is powerful to me. It resonates to me about being free and open minded. This slogan possibly the most important piece of INFO that I took with me during the entire press trip and carry on when I am back in Toronto, Canada, which is my home!

There are also other fun facts about Lake Tahoe and Nevada that you should know about.

Fun Facts About Lake Tahoe and Nevada:

  • One inch of water in Lake Tahoe is about 3.33 billion gallons of water
  • Lake Tahoe was discovered on February 14, 1844 by John Fremont and Charles Preuss.
  • The Spanish word “Nevada” means “Snow-capped”
  • Nevada’s state bird is the Mountain Bluebird
  • Sagebrush is the state flower of Nevada
  • Nevada is the U.S.’s 7th most mountainous state
  • A maximum depth of 1,645 feet in Crystal Bay makes Tahoe the second largest deepest lake in the USA
  • Lake Tahoe is over 2 million years old
  • Lake Tahoe has the highest concentration of ski resorts in the USA

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The fun facts about Lake Tahoe & Nevada and this press trip was provided by Travel Nevada. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

Sagebrush – The State Flower of Nevada
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