Dead Reckoning – Ontario Pale Ale – Upper Thames Brewing Company [Craft Beer Series]


Dead Reckoning is an Ontario Pale Ale brewed by Upper Thames Brewing Company located in Woodstock, Ontario.

Beer Description (based on Upper Thames Brewing website): Light amber in colour, this “OPA” is refreshing and hoppy with an overall smooth finish. It’s hopped with a blend of locally sourced Cascade, Rakau, and Glacier hops, giving it notes of citrus, cedar, with an apple/pear fruitiness in the background. The deep hop character is balanced by a rich malty backbone with a subtle sweetness from the caramel malt. Set your destination for this all Ontario ale and you won’t be disappointed.

Upper Thames Brewing Company
Address: 225 Bysham Park Dr #9, Woodstock, ON N4T 1P1
Phone: (519) 290-0053


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