Dear Raptors, Please Trade Patrick McCaw To Another Team!


(Photo: Getty Images)

The ONLY player which I think and hope the Toronto Raptors to trade away is Patrick McCaw. I think he is absolutely overrated by Raptors Coach Nick Nurse. Nurse praise McCaw every single game and giving him at least 20 minutes a game. I don’t get it, it’s mind boggling.

Every time McCaw is on the floor, it’s like playing 5-on-4 basketball where the opponents know McCaw hardly going to shoot, so they can double team the other Raptors on the court and apply more pressure to our offensive scheme. McCaw very often passes up on good looks as he lacks the confidence to drain the ball.

Nurse talks about how good McCaw’s defensive skills are, I watch him play many games and they are average, nothing to praise about.

As I look at the entire Raptors roster, there isn’t many players that we can really trade away. But Patrick McCaw is definitely a player I hope our team can get rid of.

Seriously, did Nick Nurse consistently hype up McCaw so that one of the GMs in the league is dumb enough to trade for McCaw and so we have a good piece back? If that’s the case, I hope Nurse bag of old tricks coming NBA trading deadline to get rid of McCaw.


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