Delta Hotels by Marriott St. John’s Conference Centre – St. John’s, Newfoundland


As part of the Press Trip to cover the grand opening of the brand new Maple Leaf Lounge, Air Canada provided me with the hotel stay at the Delta Hotels by Marriott St. John’s Conference Centre. As far as I know, this hotel has recently undergone some new renovations and that’s definitely very welcoming.

The lobby looks modern, you could tell it has been renovated and the restaurant/bar areas look pretty new and modern. I saw signs indicating other parts of the hotel are going through renovations as well. The hotel hallway carpet looked new. The moment I walked into my hotel room, the room looked modern, clean and organized. The carpet felt comfy. The pillows and mattress felt comfy as well. In particular, I really dig the fisherman art piece that was on the wall above the bed. I also like the solid platform that I could place my luggage. I wish more hotels have these types of luggage platforms.

The sofa chair near the window was very comfy as well. I was impressed with the size of the fridge. It’s not the typical mini fridge but a relative bigger fridge, just perfect to put my water bottles and tall cans of beer in there.

The bathroom was a good size, plenty of counter space. However, the interior design still look a bit dated, not sure if they have renovated the bathroom already or kept it untouched. Anyhow, the bathroom was functional and I did appreciate they provided me with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soap. Normally, some hotels don’t provide body wash and I had to ask for it.

The view from my hotel room overlooks the hill, the harbour and the downtown core of St. John’s. In addition to the pleasant service that I received upon checking in from the reception desk, I also find the location of the hotel to be another good reason for staying here. The hotel is located in the heart of everything. It’s located right beside the Mile One Centre, home of the St. John’s Edge (basketball) and also curling games. There is also a sky path that leads from the hotel to the St. John’s Convention Centre without the need to go outside of the building at all (this is essential especially during cold winter seasons).

It’s also a short walking distance to the liquor store, all the restaurants on Water Street and also the bars on George Street. We are literally talking about 5 to 10 minutes of walking, that’s super convenient. It’s a saving by not having to pay a cab everywhere that I go. And the Irving gas station is just located right across the hotel in case you need to pump some gas for your car. There is also overnight valet parking at the hotel. If you opt for taxi, there is always taxi hanging around the entrance. Unfortunately, Uber service isn’t available in St. John’s.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Delta Hotels by Marriott St. John’s Conference Centre. It’s not fancy or luxurious per say, but it does the job. It’s nice and simple and it provides the amenities and facilities for my needs. It provides a modern and a comfy room for me to relax and have a good sleep. The location is top notch. I highly recommend anyone who is visiting St. John’s to stay at this hotel.



The only issue that I have? Why is this hotel name so damn long? Can’t it be any shorter and less tongue twisty than “Delta Hotels by Marriott St. John’s Conference Centre”?

Delta Hotels by Marriott St. John’s Conference Centre
Address: 120 New Gower St, St. John’s, NL A1C 6K4
Phone: (709) 739-6404

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The hotel stay at Delta Hotels by Marriott St. John’s Conference Centre was provided by Air Canada. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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