Delta Toronto – Part 1: Hotel Room – MoVernie VIP Experience


Delta Toronto MoVernie VIP Experience – a 10-Part Series

Part 1 – Hotel Room (Our ModeDeluxe Weekend Stay)


A lot of my peeps know that I love to travel and more importantly, I have a hotel fetish, meaning I care about the hotels that I am staying at. It doesn’t always have to be luxurious as it can be a small, chic, boutique hotel. But there is a common theme for all the hotels that I had stayed. They all have to be clean, modern, with a unique characteristic and flavour in its building, exerting a welcoming vibe and atmosphere for my stay. Most importantly, their services have to be on point because at the end of day, I want to have a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Delta Toronto caught my attention big time because it is one of the newest hotels in downtown Toronto. In fact, it is located at an up and rising community called the “SouthCore“. The SouthCore neighborhood consists of the south financial district, along with the new sports and entertainment districts that makes up this area. When Delta Toronto first opened in December 2014, they advertised themselves as part of the SouthCore neighborhood. Honestly, I didn’t even know what SouthCore was until they used this term. I thought it was a clever marketing tool by Delta Toronto to position itself as part of the neighborhood, joining the community. It gives a strong sense of cohesiveness and unity within the area.

A few weeks ago, my brother, Kenrick (aka MoKenny) and I were invited by Delta Toronto for a weekend MoVernie VIP Experience stay.

In this 10-part series, MoVernie will share the adventurous journey of his VIP Experience with his followers and audiences.

On a Saturday early afternoon, we arrived in style and parked my ride in front of the Delta Toronto entrance. Immediately, a friendly staff came over and greeted us. She welcomed us to Delta Toronto and asked us if we require any assistance with our luggage. Since each of us only have a mini carry-on (since it’s only a weekend stay), we told her that we were fine with taking care of our own luggage. She then took my car key and drove my car into the valet parking that was located underneath the hotel. It was a smooth and pleasant experience already from the get-go.


As we entered the main lobby, two standing Delta Toronto staff greeted and welcomed us to the hotel. One of them guided us to the concierge counter. At the counter, the staff was friendly and asked us for our names. In less than 5 minutes, he had already completed all the booking processes and paperwork and handed us our respective key cards. He gave us helpful instructions on the location of the elevators and how we should use the key cards in order to access to our floors. The information was appreciated and we found it very helpful.


Before we head up to our rooms, we walked around the main lobby a bit. The whole main lobby had a very high ceiling, which was very spacious. The entire area was chic, modern and full of fine artistic artwork that resembled some of the well-known Canadian landscapes and sceneries that represents our beloved country. Lots of modern wood pieces were also being used around the lobby. From a close distance, we could spot the restaurant called SOCO Kitchen + Bar (you can’t miss the visible sign) and at another space, we could see the open area of the whisky bar called the Char No. 5. Purple comfy sofa with comfy pillows was a nice touch at the main lobby, it felt like home away from home. But it definitely gave a warm and relax vibe in the building even though it’s freezing outside in our Toronto winter.

After a quick walk around, off we go to our respective rooms. Both of our rooms were located on the 33rd floor, which was quite high up (there are total of 46 floors at Delta Toronto). As we arrived on the 33rd floor, the moment I stepped out of the elevator, I could feel how comfy and solid the carpet was. Delta Toronto didn’t go cheap on the carpet, you could feel the multi-layers of foam support beneath the carpet, so every step, I could feel the comfort. That’s a nice touch!

Apparently, MoKenny had one side of the corner room and I had the other side of the corner room. MoKenny’s room was facing the south-east corner, overlooking the Air Canada Centre and Lake Ontario. Meanwhile, my room was facing the south-west corner, which I could see the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, the Rogers Centre and Lake Ontario.

As I placed my key card against the keypad on my room door, voila, I entered into the room!

There are 3 types of room styles being offered by Delta Toronto.

1) ModeRoom is the standard room that can be found throughout all floors of the hotel.

2) ModeDeluxe is located from 30th to 42nd higher floors. (MoKenny and I had the ModeDeluxe rooms)

3) ModeClub is located from 43rd to 46th floor, which includes access to the 46th Club VIP Lounge that provides complimentary hot breakfast, evening hors d’oeuvres and alcoholic beverages, all included!

The moment I walked into the room, there were windows in the entire bedroom, giving natural sunlight shining into the room. There was a closet, with an electronic safe. There was also the mini coffee pot that I can make my own coffee or tea. There was a modern comfy chair and beside it, was an office desk that had all the connectivity docks for our laptop, smartphones, camcorders, etc.


I gave the king size bed a good test, it was super comfy. Clean sheets and comfy solid pillows. A clean, white modern room radiates the entire room. Two sides of the king size bed had its cabinets and storage space. A beautiful artwork across the bed rest gave it an artsy feel. Located near the sliding door were two hooks for hanging my winter coat. I love the details and the thoughtfulness by the designers, it was a nice touch.

And that’s not all, the main feature attraction in this unit was actually the huge bathroom! I have to say, the bathroom space was as big as the bedroom area. I was told that the corner rooms featured a great view of our city but also the huge bathroom space. As I opened the sliding door, boom, a beautiful stand alone bath tub overlooking the Lake Ontario. The tall bay windows stretched the entire bathroom, giving it a full view of our beautiful city. In the bathroom, there was the sink with cabinet shelving, a shower stall (in case you don’t have time to take a bath) and a semi-hidden open area for a toilet. Basically, the toilet was facing outside, if your hotel room is as high as mine (33rd floor), you don’t need to close the blinds that were provided in the bathroom, and you can freely do your business. More like the Snoop Dog’s song “I can see you but you can’t see me” type of deal here. But I recommend you to take a warm bath. Observing the warm water coming out of the facet and overlooking the beautiful city view was a top notch “good life” style experience. It gave a different perspective on the buildings around us. I could see the semi-circular shape of the Round House Steam Whistle Brewery just across the hotel.


MoVernie Fun Fact: Did you know that there are two shark graphics located at the top of the Ripley’s Aquarium? I think you would only know that if you live on a high-rise condo or on top of the CN Tower or getting a room at the Delta Toronto.


Delta Toronto also provided ample amount of bath towels, high end shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. The only small glitch and I would love to see Delta Toronto provide was the lack of bubble bath. It would be an even better experience if they provide bubble bath so it can elevate the bath tub experience to the next level. Otherwise, the whole room was fantastic with a great view.

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Special thank you to Delta Toronto for your kind hospitality, providing a unique, customized VIP Experience for MoVernie & MoKenny.

Check out more photos of my ModeDeluxe room at Delta Toronto below!

















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