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Carson Valley, Nevada has a lot of natural landscape, mountains, wildlife and outdoor activities. During our Travel Nevada Press Trip, we visited this natural habitat called “River Fork Ranch“. River Fork Ranch is an 800-acre of land being preserved, owned and operated by the Conservancy. By purchasing the River Fork Ranch back in the year of 2000, the Conservancy secured this long-term protection of the key wetland, meadow and riparian habitats along a two-mile section of the Carson River. The objective is to preserve the habitat and to avoid any construction of new buildings and commercialized business from impacting and ruin the breathtaking view of this area.

We took a walking tour which was quite relaxing and not difficult for any individual. So, if you can’t do any crazy physical activity such as climbing mountains or extreme hiking, this walking tour along the Carson River in this River Fork Ranch is for you.

We were accompanied by Dwayne Hicks, who is a professional wildlife photographer as well as a tour guide for our tour. He owns an online wildlife photography store that you can purchase his amazing photography work. Dwayne guided us through the various areas of the ranch and able to tell us a little bit more about the landscape around this region. More importantly, since he takes lots of photos of the wild life, he was able to spot and find and identify the wild animals we spotted during the tour. In my opinion, having an expert such as Dwayne definitely added the overall experience of the walking tour coz he knows where to go, what’s to look for, what’s to avoid from aggressive animals. The more you listen to Dwayne’s adventures and his stories, the more you could tell how passionate and how much he loves the wild life and the nature.

During this tour, we didn’t spot any crazy wildlife but we did saw a group of flying birds circling around the sky which Dwayne said it’s a very rare sight. He said normally, the birds fly in 2 or 3 and that’s it, very rare there was a group of 30 to 40 of the birds. I guess we were very lucky.

If you love the outdoors and love taking nature photography, River Fork Ranch is the perfect place for you! Special shoutout to the Conservancy as they are protecting and preserving the wildlife and its natural habitats so that us and our future generations could still enjoy and appreciate the wonderful nature that we have on this planet. THANK YOU!

River Fork Ranch
Website: https://www.nature.org/en-us/get-involved/how-to-help/places-we-protect/river-fork-ranch/
Address: Located at the East and West Forks of the Carson River in Nevada’s verdant Carson Valley

Dwayne’s World
Founder & Photographer: Dwayne Hicks
Website: www.DwaynesWorld.com

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