MUST SEE: Devel Sixteen (Made in Dubai + 5007 Horsepower) – Canadian International Auto Show (#CIAS2019)


The 2019 Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS2019) is open to the public on Friday, February 15th and it goes on until February 24, 2019. As media, we got to check out all the nice rides ahead of the public and we have all the goodies for you.

This year, in particular, the Devel Sixteen is a MUST SEE! It’s a hypercar that is built in Dubai, having 16 cylinders boosting 5007 horsepower. You heard it right, it has a whopping 5007 hp. Devel Sixteen alone is worth every penny to go to the Canadian International Auto Show to admire such beauty.

Below are photos and videos that I gathered during the Media Day that I would like to share with you. Enjoy!

For more information about the Canadian International Auto Show, click here.

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