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Have you ever visited Dominica? Dominica is a beautiful Caribbean island that is labelled as the “Nature Island” for a reason. It has lots of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rivers, ocean water, rain forests and other natural landscapes for you to discover and explore. Everything is so natural and authentic. Hot weather, beautiful sunrise and sunset. If you are looking for a destination to visit and want to enjoy a nice vacation, Dominica is a nice spot for you!

Just recently, I was on a Press Trip to Dominica that was hosted and organized by Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) and LMA Communications (Toronto, Canada). During our visit, we explored many cool tourist spots as well as many hidden gems. Below are the top things to do and see when visiting this beautiful Caribbean Island of Dominica.

Top Things To Do & See – Discover Dominica

Ti Tou Gorge – Cave Tubing

Ti Tou Gorge was by far the highlight of my press trip. We were cave tubing from the entrance of the cave, swam into the calm water, overlooking the natural sun light that penetrated into the cave with green moss growing on the dark rocks. At the end of the cave, you could see the rapid water flowing from the top of the cave, I stood at the centre of the water flow and felt like I have some super power. The water pressure gave me a nice water massage as well. I totally didn’t expect such a beautiful cave existed and it was definitely quite an experience. It’s a MUST VISIT!

For more pictures of my adventure at Ti Tou Gorge, please click here.

Trafalgar Falls

Trafalgar Falls is a popular tourist attraction. It has two water falls which the locals labelled them as “Papa & Mama Falls”. After a short hiking trail, you will find these two falls. The sound of the waterfalls was super soothing & just amazed at the green nature of this area. Next time, I would love to check out the top of the mountain tops and look down from there. I am sure the view from above looking down will bring a different perspective.

Check out more pictures of the Trafalgar Falls here.

Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool is another beautiful waterfall. You will notice that Dominica has many rivers and waterfalls around the entire nature island. After a nice hiking trail that slowly descend to the lower levels, you have arrive at the Emerald Pool.

Check out more pictures of the Emerald Pool here.

Mero Beach

One of the biggest attractions in Dominica is its beautiful beaches. You can find many beaches everywhere around this nature island. In particular, Mero Beach is one of the locals and tourists favourite mainly because of its black sand composition. The black sand are contributed by the active volcanic activity that occurred long time ago in Dominica. Hence, you can see the black greyish sand found on the Mero Beach. Trust me, the sand felt soft & fine and it sparkles to look at during a sunny day.

Check out more pictures of the Mero Beach here.

Rainforest Horseback Riding

Rainforest horseback riding is located near Portsmouth, Dominica. Horseback riding is a highly recommended outdoor activity on this island. I really enjoyed the experience here. You know, back in Ontario, Canada, I had horseback riding a number of times, but no offense, most often in Ontario, we just ride through the forest that doesn’t really have much to look at. LOL

In Dominica, we got to see lots of cool natural landscape, historic landmarks & cool stuff. During our Rainforest Horseback Riding, we rode along the harbour, we could see the ocean waves, the mountains from afar, then we visited the Cabrits National Park that is a fort that has the historic buildings and the cannons. It’s a historic site. Imagine yourself marching into this special place on a horse and feel like a King or a Queen and travel back in time. After we posed for a much needed photo opportunity, we continue to ride further into the forest trail plus checking the historic ruins where the remains of the old stone rubble of the buildings and gun powder bullets could still be found in the area.

Click here to check out more pictures of my horseback riding adventures.

Dominica Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens is located in Roseau (Capital of Dominica). There are many types of trees, flowers and plants. This garden was severely damaged by Hurricane David back in 1979. A school bus that was smashed by a fallen tree due to Hurricane David is still visible today at the garden, leaving a bit of history behind.

Click here for more pictures of the Dominica Botanical Gardens.

Morne Bruce Garrison

Morne Bruce Garrison is at the top of the mountain that oversees the downtown Roseau along with the ocean view. I highly recommend you to check this place out especially after visiting the Botanical Gardens. With just a short drive from the Botanical Gardens and up the slope and you will be here at the Morne Bruce Garrison. However, a van or car is recommended to get up here. You are on top of the world and enjoying this beautiful view.

Click here to see more pictures of the Morne Bruce Garrison.

Downtown Roseau (Capital of Dominica)

Roseau is the Capital of Dominica that is located in the South West coast of the island. We stayed at the Fort Young Hotel, which is located right at the heart of the downtown Roseau. Each morning, I woke up early to check out the beautiful sunrise and took a nice morning walk around Roseau. It’s safe to roam around (of course you still have to stay alert with your street smart everywhere you travel). Walking around the city allows you to understand the daily lives of the locals. You can see some cool architecture, old buildings, the grocery stores and the farmer’s market. Even just go to the KFC was a treat for me to see what’s being served on its food menu since KFCs from different regions served unique specialty food items.

Kalinago Barana Aute

Step back in time to educate and learn about the culture and the daily lives of the Kalinago tribe, they are the indigenous carib people who set foot living in Dominica for a very long time. At the education centre, knowledgeable staff will show you the history of the Kalinago people, its culture and its daily lives. You get to walk around the place and see some of the architecture that were built by the Kalinago people. You can even meet the village people and buy some authentic handmade souvenirs from the Kalinago people.

Check out more pictures of the Kalinago people here.

Morne Diablotins

Morne Diablotins is the highest mountain in Dominica. Go on a hiking trail with an expert tour guide such as Dr. Birdie, who will be able to identify all the plants, trees, fruits, vegetation, insects, other species who lives in the rain forest. It was an educational session while doing some light hiking exercise. With an expert like Dr. Birdie, he was able to identify some of the fruits that we can try and be safe to eat. The fruits are super fresh, organic and authentic. Step back into the natural vegetation without the worry of genetic engineered food.

Check out the adventures of exploring this beautiful rainforest.

Pagua Bay

Pagua Bay is located on the east coast of Dominica and it has a stunning beach. During our press trip, we stayed at the Pagua Bay House, which is literally right beside the Pagua Bay. Pagua Bay House has a number of artistic individual carbana houses that overlook the ocean and the beach. A group of us woke up early in the morning, walked over to the beach and saw the beautiful sunrise. I am quite surprised of how secluded this area was, there weren’t many people around. It’s definitely a hidden gem and it feels like you own the entire beach. It’s definitely a paradise. There were lots of social media worthy spots to take great pictures around this area. I really enjoy my experience at the Pagua Bay and Pagua Bay House.

Check out more pictures of the Pagua Bay and its beautiful beach here.

Thinking of staying at Pagua Bay House? Click here to check out the layout, decor and the view from the cabana that I stayed in.

Feeling hungry but doesn’t want to make a trip out to the city to dine? No worries, inside Pagua Bay House, there is Pagua Bay bar & grill. We dined here for breakfast & dinner. It is a perfect spot to dine while watching sunrise or sunset. Check out the food & beveages that I ordered here.

Cobra Boat Tours

We took a boat tour that was run by the Cobra Boat Tour company. The friendly staff peddled the boat, took us to visit the famous Indian River. We got to see lots of wild species and plants along the tour. There was also a bar in the forest, unfortunately, it was under renovation during our visit. Otherwise, it would be cool to grab a few drinks in the forest and being part of the nature (perhaps it’s a sign that I have to go back another time).

Did you know the famous movie, “The Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest“, starring Johnny Depp was filmed in this Indian River? The production crew built the Calypso setting for the film. That film set is still there and you can still see it with the boat tour.

Check our my adventures with Cobra Boat Tours here.

Ti Kwen Glo Cho (Hot Springs)

There are many natural hot springs being found in Dominica. Ti Kwen Glo Cho has natural hot springs flowing from the top of the mountains and flowing down into the area. Want to refresh and relax? Dipping yourself into the hot springs is the way to go. We were told dipping into natural hot springs have its medical benefits to your body. After a full day of walking into the rain forests and hiking trails, it’s rewarding to enjoy the hot springs.

Click here to see more pictures at Ti Kwen Glo Cho (Hot Springs).

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a World Heritage Site located in Dominica. It has lots of beautiful trees, natural landscape, lake that people like to swim in it. It’s nice and peaceful. I recommend you to rent a car or hire a private tour to get you here.

For more pictures on Morne Trois Pitons National Park, please click here.

Windsor Park (Cricket Stadium)

This is my 1st time checking out a cricket stadium. The Windsor Park Stadium is located at the heart of downtown Roseau & it had hosted a number of cricket matches. I have never watched a cricket game in my life, I do hope one day I get to watch it in person and absorb all the energy and the excitement from the game.

Check out more beautiful pictures of this Windsor Park Stadium here.

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