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We got tickets to see the Disney On Ice: Princesses & Heroes (thanks to a contest that I entered via TorontoPath.com). I personally enjoy watching figure skating events, especially during the Winter Olympics. But to watch cartoon characters skating on ice as a show with a story plot, now that was a first for me. I was looking forward to this event. The show was held at Rogers Centre. At first, I wasn’t sure how they were going to fill all the seats as I was still in baseball mentality, thinking a Blue Jays game could sit up to 50,000 people. As I arrived, I realized the Disney On Ice skating area and stage and audience seats only took about 1/3 of the stadium, so it was quite cozy and every seats had a great view to watch the Disney show.


There were quite a number of concession stands selling Disney merchandize and also Disney beverages in Disney characters mugs for the audience to buy as souvenirs. Honestly though, I did found the price of the Disney merchandize a bit steep. A spinning electronic lights were priced at $22. I thought if they can lower down the price a bit, I am sure the parents would be more willingly to make more purchases.

Our seats were great and we could see the entire skating rink clearly. In particular, I was amazed of the stage that was setup as well. It’s 3 floors high and the skaters could perform and stand at 3 different levels. I really like the skating ramp where the skaters can skate out to meet the audience.

As the show began, the music and the costumes and all the familiar characters brought everything to life. They surely brought back my childhood memories when the well-known songs were being played. I enjoyed the Little Mermaid song, “Under The Sea”. The characters came out one-by-one with mini story plots. It really showcased how many movies or characters that Walt Disney had produced over the years. I enjoyed my favourite characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The pumpkin car and the fire-breathing dragon scene were my favourite scenes. The dragon with the eyes lit up and its battle between the prince really brought the show to life, especially the fire and flames were all over the skating rink. The visual was impressive!

Disney on Ice have multiple themes and shows that they tour around the world. The Princesses and Heroes had been touring around the world for two years and this is the first time they have visited Canada. Although I have never watched the other Disney tours but I highly think that these types of Disney shows are great for a family outing. It surely brings the children to their edge of their seats and bringing smiles to their faces, especially during the joyful Christmas Holidays!

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