Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine – Richmond Hill, Canada


Crispy sucking pig with jellyfish stripesWe had a group gathering last night to celebrate the New Year of 2019 and a friend’s birthday at the Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine, located in the Richmond Hill area. This Chinese restaurant is a well-established place for dim sum as well as evening dinner. We pre-ordered a number of specialty dishes and order some more dishes upon our arrival.

We pre-ordered the Peking Duck (2 eats) which we opted for the Peking Duck taco and Peking Duck lettuce wrap. We also changed the fried crab meat balls into crab meat paste with a big scallops ball. We also ordered a black chicken Chinese soup which takes many hours of slow boil the ingredients into a nice hot soup.

The garnishes for the Peking Duck meat. They use this apparatus to warm the taco for you. Garnishes have more variety here from the traditional green scallions; cucumbers to non-traditional marshmellows; tomatoes, etc.

I highly recommend you to try its dim sum or evening dinner here at Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine. The food is phenomenal and the service is great and I like the fact that the food comes out in a good speed of pace. Unlike many Chinese restaurants who serves all the dishes in a fast timely fashion and struggled to find space to put every dish on the dining table, at Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine, they time it well so that the patrons can enjoy every dish in a good pace and don’t feel rush, which we all appreciate. They served a few dishes for us to enjoy. When we almost finished all the first few dishes, then they delivered more dishes.

Red wine braised beef short ribs with bok choy

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine – Richmond Hill, Canada
Website: http://www.DragonBoatFusionCuisine.com
Address: 160 East Beaver Creek Rd #4-6, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3L4
Phone: (905) 731-3718

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine – Chinese Food

Black chicken slow boiled soup that takes up to 10+ hours to make

Lots of good ingredients were used to make this slow boiled soup

Crispy suckling pig skin

Beautiful setup for the Peking Duck

A Peking Duck plate presentation. We ordered the Peking Duck 2-eats combo, first it’s this Peking Duck Taco, followed by the Peking Duck lettuce wrap

Peking Duck taco. I like to eat it with little Hoisin sauce, then put 2 pieces of Peking Duck meat, and a few scallions and cucumbers

2nd part of the Peking Duck 2 eats, the chef uses the remaining Peking Duck meat to stir fry with the carrots, celery to make it like a stuffing, put them onto the crunchy lettuce wrap. Chinese people never waste food.

Peking Duck meat very juicy and tender.

Fried crab meat paste with 1 big scallop ball

The original menu is the typical fried crab claw but we upgraded to put in a big scallop inside along with crab meat paste

You could see the big scallop inside

Seafood fried rice, one of the best in the business. They added the sliced chinese broccoli (see the green), it adds crunchiness, a game changer in the fried rice texture

4 lb lobsters (each lobster about 2 lbs) with Maggie sauce

Cantonese fried noodles

(Upper level) Goji berries pudding that put on top of the papaya, very creative (Bottom level) freshly baked almond cookies


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