(Driving Review) 2025 Mazda CX-70 AWD Signature – A Very Enjoyable Driving Experience



This week, I have this all-new 2025 Mazda CX-70 SUV to drive for an entire week. I was told by Mazda Canada that this AWD SUV has just arrived for test drive 2 weeks ago, so it’s a great honor to be one of the first to test drive this brand new model in the Mazda lineup.

Before I discuss about this ride, when Mazda Canada unveiled this CX-70, there was some confusion or a buzz about this model that’s coz it looks the same as the CX-90 that was on the market a year ago. Only major difference? CX-70 has 5 passenger seats and not 7 passenger seats as offered in the CX-90. So, many journalists were confused of why Mazda gave it another model name when they could simply just call it the same CX-90 but with 5 seats. Anyhow, I do feel it’s somewhat a very smart marketing strategy by Mazda as they launch this CX-70 as a 2025 model when it’s pretty much the same dimension and looks as the CX-90.

Now that I have get the CX-70 name plate out of the way, let’s talk about my overall impression of this Mazda CX-70? Overall, I really enjoy this CX-70, it’s a true contender and a vehicle that I feel has fulfilled every aspect of what a great SUV should be.

It’s got the size, it’s lengthy and a solid full-size SUV, providing lots of headspace, leg room and overall space for all 5 passengers. There are also lots of trunk space.

Moreover, it looks good exterior and interior. The interior is top notch using high quality of material with a good mixture of leather material, chrome, black, pseudo side wood panel, etc. I really like the suede-like dashboard material that stretches along the central panel.

The Nappa brown leather seating material for both front and rear passengers really elevate the driving comfort and experience for a long road trip.

The panorama roof stretches from the front to the 2nd row. The ONLY thing I didn’t like was that I wish the sunroof was a little bigger, it stretches only a small amount and I think Mazda could make the sunroof bigger.

The Bose system in this ride was superb, whether you are listening to symphony, pop rock, EDM or hip-hop, they are so good as if you are at the concert in-person.

As for the engine, Mazda incorporated the all-new 3.3L inline-6 turbo engine, pumping 280 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque, hauling maximum of 5000 lbs for towing. And just a friendly reminder that this tester that Mazda Canada provided me is a hybrid, which has an electric motor for low constant acceleration. As much as how great the 2.5L turbo 4-cylinder being used in the CX-9, this 6-cylinder is much better. Moreover, in the past CX-9, they used the 6-speed automatic. Now, with the 8-speed automatic on this CX-70, it makes the engine and transmission working together so well together.

This engine has a fast take-off and great acceleration with comfortable suspension for a smooth ride. I also really appreciate the great turning radius for this full-size SUV. I live in a condo where some of the areas would require tight corner turning, with the great turning radius, I have no problem backing this SUV up in tight spaces and the backup camera and side sensors helped me big time maneuvering around pillars.

Moreover, for a full-size SUV like this CX-70, I found the braking very responsive and stopping with ample of distance in store. It gave me the confidence that I can stop in time with this CX-70.

And did I mention my tester came in the Mazda signature Soul Red body paint? It looks so good at every angle especially under the sun, it’s looks gorgeous! And let me tell you, I don’t really like red in vehicles but for Mazda, they have mastered that special red combination that just stands out and being the best red paint in the business.

The ONLY thing that I don’t really like is the rear end design of this CX-70. I felt the designing team just got lazy and just provided this CX-70 with a round curve rear and call it a day. It’s super weird looking at the rear and it resembles the BMW X3 or Mitsubishi Outlander or Toyota Highlander. The rear end just pretty boring and non-creative in my opinion.

Today I put this CX-70 to test on a relatively longer drive from Markham to Peterborough which each way was around 1 hour and 20 minutes drive. During the entire drive, it was very enjoyable. Seats were comfy and there were plenty of power and acceleration to overtake slower vehicles and carrying our family around.

Although this CX-70 is large, it doesn’t feel large or bulky or cumbersome when you drive it through the curvy roads or twisty corners, this SUV handles well and just hugs the curve with ease. I really didn’t feel like I am driving a big truck or a bulky SUV, I really enjoy the fun of driving this ride around.

I have to say this….Mazda is providing many options for its customers where if you want 3 rows of seats, go for the CX-90, but if you don’t have a big family and rarely needs to carry 7 passengers, then the 5-passenger CX-70 is adequate and perfect for people like myself who doesn’t really have to carry many passengers.

All-in-all, I highly recommend anyone who is considering getting a full-size SUV to give this 2025 Mazda CX-70 a test drive. Coz I really enjoy this ride, it’s overall achieve everything I would look for in a full-size SUV.

Mazda has been doing this for a number of years now providing a great looking ride with great performance and handling and with high quality of interior design. And I think more and more customers are receptive with the elevating high-end quality that they are also willing to pay for the experience.


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