Dublin Calling Toronto – Grand Re-Opening


A lot of peeps know about Dublin Calling, a well-known bar in Toronto. They have recently moved to 250 Adelaide Street West to be closer to the downtown core. But more importantly, provided a bigger space for all the patrons who have been supporting this pub for many many years.

This past Thursday, MoVernie and his crew were invited to attend the media preview opening of this pub. As we walked up the stairs, we saw a very authentic looking Irish Pub. The friendly staff told us that most of the pieces and furniture from the old place were transferred to this place. I love that they preserve their history and the pieces of items that made them who they are!

The place was alive and happening with many sections of the pub with its own flavour. There were a number of long wooden tables and high stools located close to the large bay windows which you can overlook outside the street. You can sit on the high stools and chill at the bar with the lovely bartenders.

There was also a big spacious section of a band area for live music. A wooden dance floor as well as a pool table. I really like the old beer cans that they had nicely assembled throughout the area to make a nice decor and build the mood. And there was also a darts area. I never really play darts before but I recalled being as a kid, watching my dad played darts with his friends. I gave it a few tries and it was fun. I learned a dart game called “Crickets” and I am sure I will be back to Dublin Calling to try to master this unique fun game.

At Dublin Calling, there was a large list of fresh kegs of beer to choose from and as St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, nothing beats a pint of fresh Guinness for me. We got to taste a number of food items at Dublin Calling. There were fried pickles that were big for its size and it was tasty. There were also fish n chips, mac n cheese, cheese and tomatoes, Kung Pao chicken and much much more. Personally, I recommend fish n chips and Kung Pao chicken. Kung Pao chicken at a pub? Yes, that’s right. It had an unique sauce and flavour that I felt in love right away. MoVernie Approved!

St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away but I am sure you will most likely party for days or weeks! Dublin Calling is a perfect spot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And it will make you come back for more and more. Great vibe, amazing decor, awesome service, fresh beer and delicious food items. Now I know why Dublin Calling is and continue to be a main stable for many peeps!

Dublin Calling
250 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON

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