Duke of Somerset (Duke Pubs) – Toronto, Canada


On the MOVE to the Duke of Somerset to try out its new food menu items and drink menu with Andrea @andreawats.

The Duke Pubs have many locations around the GTA but this will be my 1st time checking this Duke of Somerset location (655 Bay Street), so I am intrigue.

We were first greeted by a friendly staff and seated us in a nice booth while I had a good view of the Raptors game being shown on the TV screen that was situated above the bar area. Awesome!

There were so many interesting and tasty food items on the menu, so we decided to order a few appetizers to share. We also ordered some beer and wine respectively.

As for entree, Andrea ordered the turkey club sandwich and she said it was delicious. It comes with crispy fries and we ordered the gravy as a side.

As for myself, I ordered the steak frites, but since Andrea already ordered fries as the side for her turkey sandwich, I asked if I could substitute my fries with onion rings. Our server said “not a problem”. I luv how a restaurant is being flexible with their customers’ requests and that’s not often possible at other restaurants. So, this is much appreciated!

MoVernie Fun Fact: Did you know….Duke of Somerest offers a 10% discount on food items for Ryerson Students.

Although we were pretty much full after indulging the appetizers and entree, we all know that we couldn’t pass up on the dessert menu when we were presented with the dessert menu, LOL.

We couldn’t decide on 1 dessert, so we ordered both the apple crumble and raspberry cheesecake both were delicious. But the portion was generous that we put them “on the go”.

MoVernie Fun Fact: Did you know every Friday, Caesars is only $5 + tax CDN?

Overall, it was a fun night and we think Duke of Somerset is a perfect spot to catch a Raptors or Leafs game, grab some nice beer, wine or cocktails and grab a bite.

Duke of Somerset
Website: www.DukePubs.ca/Somerset
Address: 655 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z4
Phone: (416) 640-0921


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