Ed Sheeran Pop Up Shop – Toronto (No.6 Album Release)


Today, July 12th, marks the date of Ed Sheeran’s new album release “No.6”, featuring 15 track songs collaborating with other artists such as Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, Bruno Mars and others globally.

To mark this special new album release, Ed Sheeran Pop Up Shops are open to the public across the globe. Toronto is the ONLY Canadian Pop Up Shop.

This morning, I got a chance to check out this Pop Up Shop and the Warner Music Canada Executive Anthony Reyes gave me a tour.

The Pop Up Shop is located at 277 Queen Street West, which is literally beside the CTV HQ. It’s open to public today (July 12) and tomorrow (July 13) from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

There are a variety list of merch for the fans to purchase at this store.

From What I Saw at the Pop Up Store:

1) Toronto No.6 Collaborations Projects

This is a very exclusive collection that is designed for the Toronto Pop Up location and it’s only available for sale exclusively at this Toronto location, so it’s quite special and precious.

2) Ed Sheeran x Other Artists Collaborations

Ed collaborates with other artists such as Bruno Mars. You can buy these collaborations at this Pop Up.

3) Tee Based On No.6 Album Track Songs

I personally really enjoy this special set of tees. These tees are based on the track songs in the No.6 album. Each song has a different colour, showing the name of the track and the artists that sang this song. I thought it’s very neat. And they are all so colourful.

4) Vinyl and CD

You can purchase album No.6 in vinyl records or the CD format. I know our technology continues to move quickly but sometimes I think it’s cool to back to the future and enjoy music in other past formats.

If you are interested, there is also a 180 camera activation that you can pose with lots of props to make it fun while at the store.

The moment when I left the store, I saw the lineup getting longer, so be patient and make sure you are hydrated while waiting outside.

For more INFO about the Ed Sheeran Pop Up Store in Toronto, please click here.

Special thanks to Warner Music Canada for having me and giving me this tour.


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