Ellie Goulding – CHUM FM FanFest 2014 (Canadian Music Week)


Last night was CHUM FM FanFest 2014 and it was being held at the Kool Haus. One of the performers and the headliner of the show is English, singer-songwriter, Ellie Goulding.

Ellie has a number of hit singles. She is also super multi-talented, showcasing her vocal skills, guitar and drums skills. She was super energetic throughout the entire show, singing hit tracks such as “Burn”, “Lights” and many more. It was the last leg of her tour before she heads back to UK for a good well-deserving “Home Sweet Home” time.

Below are some of the Ellie Goulding photos that I took during the CHUM FM FanFest 2014.

Thank you to Bell Media PR for the media accreditation for this event.

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