Merry Christmas Family Traditional Turkey Dinner


Every year, my dad cooks traditional western turkey dinner. The only thing he changes is replacing the bread stuffing with the delicious Chinese sticky rice with Chinese sausages as the new stuffing. It tastes even better. Thanks dad for your effort and hard work in making a good meal every year!

Now, my bro also loves cooking. He took some of the workload off dad and made the sea urchins, roast the bone marrow and oven bake the lamb chops. He can surely cook.

If the Food Network decided to open up a father & son tag team competition, I will surely nominate my dad and my bro.

Merry Christmas & best wishes with everyone!

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Check out the photos of my family traditional turkey dinner below.

2 different types of Chinese sausages mixed with green onions & herbs with sticky rice
Family table is setup for the big feast
Sashimi platter
Sea Urchins

Scissors used to cut open the sea urchins
Sea Urchins
Roasted Bone Marrow
Toasty bread used to dip the roasted bone marrow
The “Bird”
mini steam carrots
mini sprouts
mash potatoes
Turkey Gravy
Morocco style lamb chops

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