#ExperienceMcD – MoVernie Exclusive VIP Experience (First Glance)


This past Thursday, McDonald’s
sent a limo to our doorsteps and told us to hop on. My manager, MoKenny & I
just hop on the limo. We were told by McDonald’s that the limo will drop us off
to a secret location and the hashtag is #ExperienceMcD, that’s all we know.
That shows you how much we trust McDonald’s, trusting our lives to them. LOL

After 25 minutes of the limo
ride, we had arrived to this McDonald’s location. Outside the restaurant, you
could see the “Create Your Taste” signage. I asked our limo driver,
Frank the address. He said the location is 3150 St. Clair East, which is at the
intersection between St. Clair East & Victoria Park.

Once we walked into the
restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly McDonald’s staff. She asked if we
were here for the special VIP experience and we said YES! She guided us to the
McDonald’s executives and they briefly showed us the automated kiosks that were
used to take our customized burger orders.

After a brief discussion, the
executives guided us to a VIP area and I saw some familiar faces, who were
Social Media Food Influencers and as we attended more and more events, we often
bump into each other. It’s always nice to see them around.

One of the masterminds who was
involved with this “Create Your Taste” project, Andrew, the manager
of this project greeted us and gave us a more background information on why
McDonald’s decided to evolve and undergoing a transformation across Canada to
provide this special “Create Your Taste” burger dining experience to
its patrons.

Here are some of the key points
that we learned from Andrew and the rest of the McDonald’s team:
  • McDonald’s is consistently listening
    to constructive feedback from its patrons and they are striving to enhance the
    dining experience
  • The current McDonald’s burgers
    selections and experience will continue, only change would be the addition of
    implementing the “Create Your Taste” dining services for patrons who
    want to customized their burgers and other food items
  • Automated Kiosks are available
    for patrons to customized existing signature McDonald’s burgers such as the Big
    Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish and others or patrons can build a personalized
    burger from scratch
  • Within the next 2 years or by
    2017, 1400+ McDonald’s locations across Canada will be renovated and
    transformed to provide this “Create Your Taste” burger services
  • Automated Kiosks doesn’t mean
    they will cut jobs, in fact, McDonald’s plan to hire approximately 15,000 jobs
    across the country as this new “Create Your Taste” program requires
    more human resources such as hostess, greeter, staff to assist patrons who need
    assistance when ordering from the automated kiosks, also staff to deliver the
    food since patrons can choose any seats in the restaurant and awaits for the
    arrival of the food
  • Each restaurant will also hire
    special chefs to specially prepare your personalized burger at the back of the
    kitchen. And each kitchen will have a special designated space for the special
    chef to prepare the food for you
  • Currently, 3150 St. Clair East
    is the ONLY McDonald’s restaurant that provides the “Create Your
    Taste” service. If you live in Toronto or visiting Toronto now, you can
    drive there to experience this unique dining adventures right now

I personally ordered my
personalized burger from scratch from the automated kiosk. And I would like to
call it the “McVernie” burger. This was the name that my followers
gave it to me the moment they saw my burger.

    I was told by the McDonald’s
    executives that I have become the 1st person to order 3 beef patties in my
    personalized burger. I am honored that I made history and I am very proud of
    that! Always leaving a special mark.

    Below are some of the photos of
    my #ExperienceMcD with the “Create Your Taste” program. Stay tuned
    for a more in-depth of my MoVernie vs Food BLOG on my entire dining experience
    at 3150 St. Clair East at a later date.
    If you did order a personalized
    burger, tag me @MoVernie on Twitter or @RealMoVernie on Instagram so I can see
    your creation. I love to see what your personalized burgers look like!
    Until next time, MoVernie is
    outta here!

    McDonald’s (1st Lcoation with the “Create Your Taste” Experience)
    3150 St. Clair East
    Toronto, Canada M1L 1V6


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