Fashion at the Sochi Opening Ceremony


New York Fashion Week is happening this week and next week. And….Sochi Winter Olympics is taking off as well. The opening ceremony just happened today in Russia and all countries wear various winter outfits to showcase their country colours, traditions and their historical heritage. It’s a great event to check out what each country has in store regarding their fashion.

Here are some of my choices for the best fashion at the 2014 Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony. I would like to dissect them into a few categories: 1) Best Fashion; 2) Not necessary stylish or fashionable but definitely makes a statement by standing out from the crowd & 3) Epic Fail:

Category A:) Best Fashion

1) Canada

Love the red pea-coat!


2) France


3) Netherland



Category B:) Not Necessary the best fashion but surely stands out and make a statement

1) USA

I don’t really like the design, it’s too busy and just feels like all logos are being brought by sponsors. Too many stars make me dizzy. However, I do like the material and the cardigan design. Honestly, if the design is more simple and less logos and less stars, I would really love this outfit.


2) Germany

What was the German thinking? These colours don’t reflect them but it does stand out.


3) Ukraine

I like the abstract patterns on the jacket.



Category C: Epic Fail (simply epic fail)

1) Ireland

They look like they are military. With all the terrorist threats against the Sochi Olympics, these are the last uniforms we want to see at a joyful game.


2) Bermuda

No excuse, it’s winter Olympics! Short pants? If some of these athletes really competing the winter sports with these short pants, I will let it slide, but no winter sports will allow you to wear short pants. Put it back in the closet and wait for the next Summer Olympics.



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