Feedery Restaurant – Variety of Food Options Under 1 Roof Under 1 Bill – Aurora, Ontario, Canada


Feedery Restaurant’s Grand Opening is happening this Monday, January 10, 2022. Today is friends & families Soft Opening ONLY. And I am so honoured to be personally invited by Chef Guillermo Russo to attend its soft opening today.

The concept of Feedery is providing a variety of food options under one roof under one bill. It provides delicious fresh food items with convenience and lots of options.

Currently, there are 4 main brands of food categories that are curated and created by Chef Guillermo Russo and his team for Feedery.

Category #1: Soul Bowl

This is the description from the Feedery website as it describes Soul Bowl: Healthy, Tasty, Fresh Salad – “Put a little zen on your menu. Our Soul Bowls are a delicious and nutritious option for diners on the go or families looking for lighter dishes packed with exciting flavours.

Soul Bowl provides fresh & healthy salad options. Lots of fresh ingredients and I was impressed with the variety of veggie items in each specialty salad.

Category #2: Onokai

This is the description from the Feedery website as it describes Onokai: Poke Bowl – “Take the best of traditional Hawaiian poke, combine it with fiery Latin flavours and and you have a Poke Fiesta. OnoKai is poke fusion like you’ve never tasted before.

Onokai focuses on Japanese poke. As Chef Guillermo sums it up, “It’s like a deconstructive sushi in a bowl of fresh and tasty ingredients”. I usually like salmon or tuna, so any poke bowl that includes either raw fish are my favourite. In addition to offering sushi rice or sushi quinoa, I was so impressed they also offer the soba noodles option. I luv soba cold noodles.

Category #3: Chomp Chicken

This is the description from the Feedery website as it describes Chomp Chicken: Handcrafted Chicken – “Crispy battered chicken tenders, our trademark creamy sauce with just the right amount of spice, a warm toasted bun—then built exactly to your liking. It’s heaven in a sandwich or on its own.

This Chomp Chicken are handcrafted food item offering sandwiches or chicken tenders. We particularly impressed with the chicken tenders as they were gigantic, juicy and tender. Moreover, so many dipping sauce to offer for the dip. We listened to the staff with the BBQ sauce and we were impressed. Normally, I ain’t a big fan of BBQ sauce as it’s usually super powering of the meat itself but I luv this BBQ sauce. And w also tried the unique Chili Lime Mayo and it was another great choice for dipping the chicken tenders.

Adding the combo is highly recommended as it’s only an extra $3.40 CDN add-on and you get a pop, crinkle fries and a small bowl of coleslaw. It’s a good value proposition.

Category #4: Smash Patties

This is the description from the Feedery website as it describes Smash Patties: Smashed Burgers – “Potato buns, fresh Canadian beef patties smashed to order and house made sauces come together for brown, charred and toasty perfection. It’s Smashin’ Good Flavour!

Smash patties feature the comfort food of burgers and fries. Feedery features a number of specialty burgers. If you would like vegan burgers, they can make it for you.

Category #5: Partner Brands

And there are other “Partner Brands” that Feedery collaborates and selling their food items here as well to provide customers with more options. Their vision moving forward is having rotating other food vendors food items to be selling on their website and restaurant in a rotating schedules. Perhaps after every few months, they have new partner food vendors to refresh the menu items.

Click here to check out the “Partner Brands”.

Feedery Flow Chart:

To better explain this unique concept, Feedery came up with a flowchart. I am applying this same flow chart here so you have a better idea of how everything flows and works.

(Photo: Feedery.ca)

NOTE: This flagship restaurant is gear towards both dine-in & take out. Until the provincial health & safety restrictions guidelines are lifted to allow dine-in, currently, take out and food delivery services are the only way to go.

Feedery Restaurant – Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.feedery.ca
Address: 14846 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1N2
Phone: (905) 503-0636
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Mj45HoB87V5Z266g7


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