#FireCasey – Raptors Coach Casey Needs to Go!



Coach Casey, I hope you have coached your last game as a Raptors Head Coach!

Coach Casey Playoff Records:

Raptors Playoff 2014 – Lost to Nets in Game 7

Raptors Playoff 2015 – Swept by Washington Wizards

Raptors Playoff 2016 – Need to play 7 games to beat the medicore Indiana Pacers, then need to play 7 games to beat another medicore Miami Heat

Raptors Playoff 2017 – Blown out by Bucks in game 3 by more than 25+ points. Then, in game 6, we led 25+ points, only to let Bucks to claw back to not only tie the game but took the lead. We were lucky to won that game.

Then, we get swept by the Cavs.

We get out coached in every series for 4 consecutive years. Same predictable ISO plays, same shitty game plan, time to move on & get some creative minds and better in-game adjustments next season.

We need a new coach! Masai, I hope you do the right thing and pull the trigger.

Thank you!




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