(First Drive) 2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 Gran Coupé – All-Electric


As gas prices continue to be soar, rising as high as $2.03/L CDN at one point this year, many people are looking seriously for an electric vehicle. They want to save the environment, but more importantly, they think charging a battery powered vehicle will save them gas fossil fuels at the pump in the long run.

Although Tesla has been dominating the electric vehicle segment for many years now, there are other brands that potential buyers should consider, especially for those who are anti-Tesla and doesn’t want to drive the same model like many others.

Look no further, this week, BMW Canada has provided me with this all-new, all-electric, BMW i4 Gran Coupé eDrive40. For many car enthusiasts, they know BMW has been building great electric vehicles, from the i8 and i3. However, either there isn’t enough supply for those aforementioned electric vehicles to sell or it’s unattainable for the masses to pay upwards of $150,000+ CDN for the i8 or many may not be in luv with the futuristic styling of the i3.

But no worries, BMW has injected a few more electric vehicles into its BMW electric lineup this year (2022) to bring more options for its potential buyers. For starters, this BMW i4 looks great from every angle. I like the exterior and interior looks. From a glance, first drive, I enjoyed the driving experience, once I touched the steering wheel, the DNA of the iconic BMW ultimate driving experience comes to life!

And it’s good for the wallet as well, starting at a MSRP of $55,490 CDN, that’s a very well value propositions. It’s competitive with the Tesla Model 3 and if other electric vehicles such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or other brands are charging at $50,000 CDN, this BMW i4 is definitely a very reasonable and good value vehicle for your consideration.

But of course, I have a whole week to test drive this BMW i4 for a spin so I will be able to give you a more detailed feedback of my driving experience at a later time. So stay tuned! So far, I really like this Alpine White exterior of this BMW i4.

Special shoutout to BMW Canada for providing me with this all-electric BMW i4 to test drive for a week. \

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