Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters – Marathon, Florida (USA)


As we were cruising in our beautiful Ford Mustang convertible, we encountered this place called “Aquarium Encounters“. It’s actually located in this city called “Marathon“, which is a city in the Florida Keys. It’s located between the Miami and the Florida Keys.

Aquarium Encounters is a cool concept. It provides a various lists of activities for children, teenagers and adults. If you just want to check out the sea animals such as the stingrays or coral reefs and other exhibits, Aquarium Encounters has these exhibits for you. In fact, they offer tour with staff explaining to you the ocean world and some of these organisms that live in the ocean. If you are comfy enough, you can even feed or touch the stingrays and other organisms.

If you are more of an adventurous seeker, you can sign up for a scuba dive training session. They have nice clean lockers for you to put your belongings. And there are certified instructors that will explain to you how to put on your scuba diver suits and gear. The training and safety instructions sessions are very well-explained coz at the end of the day, safety comes first. Also, the scuba diving sessions are in small groups to ensure the staff would be able to look after everyone and to ensure you are giving a good exclusive experience. There are different levels of scuba diving sessions for you from rookie, intermediate or pros. Scuba diving suits and gears are included in the session.

Just a note that scuba diving varies between each individual. For me, I put on the scuba diving gear and tried my best to listen to the instructor to learn how to breathe via my nose and techniques, but after 15 minutes of trying, I decided not to scuba dive coz I don’t feel comfortable and I don’t want to risk my life. Instead, I watched my bro, aka MoKenny conducted his scuba diving session with the instructor along with 2 other participants. It’s very important that you know about yourself and your body. If you don’t feel comfortable of doing something, don’t let peer pressure affects you. I tried but I didn’t feel right physically and mentally to go down into the water for 40+ minutes of a session. And the instructor never pushes or pressures me, he understands scuba diving isn’t for everyone, so I appreciate that he understands.

Overall, Aquarium Encounters is a very well-maintained, well-run place for children to have their encounters with the ocean organisms. It’s also a certified and proper place to learn how to scuba dive and get a 1st taste of experiencing the sea world. MoKenny told me that it took him a while to get a hang of breathing through his nose and get comfortable spending long periods of time in the water. He did say that “don’t try to rush things, if you need more time to breathe in the water, take your time”. He said it was well worth it to spend time in the water and seeing the coral reefs and other cool sea animals living in the water coz he felt like he was in another world.

For more INFO about the scuba diving sessions and also what other special activities are available at Aquarium Encounters, click here.

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The Tour was provided by the Aquarium Encounters during this Press Trip. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters
Address: 11710 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050, USA
Phone: 305-407-3262



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