Florida Keys – Visit Florida: Welcoming Tourists Back for a Visit (Post Hurricane Irma)


A few months ago, as many peeps know, Hurricane Irma had made some of the most devastating impact to the human kind, killing and injuring many people in many cities, creating floods, lost of electricity, food and hygiene crisis. Many parts of the Florida states had been affected by Hurricane Irma, but fortunately, places such as the Florida Keys, a popular vacation destination received relative minimal damage. In fact, with only a few hotels still under renovations, the rest of the Florida Keys are fully operating and fully open for business and is welcoming with tourists from around the world.

This week, I was invited by Florida Keys & Key West Tourism Board to attend its media breakfast seminar, showing the media the fast recovery by Florida Keys communities. From the latest video that was made Post Irma, we witnessed many fun and cool activities that tourists get to experience. Florida Keys is ready for tourists, especially Canadians, which represents a large portion of the annual Florida Keys visits.

The Southernest Point landmark is still one of the most popular spot when visiting the Florida Keys.

This past April, my bro, aka MoKenny and I visited the Florida Keys, we had a great time checking many of the fun activities at this destination. It definitely brought back many great memories when the Visit Florida representative talked about this destination. She talked about the scenic drive from Miami to the Florida Keys and I still enjoyed the joy of cruising along the scenic route in a Ford Mustang convertible.

Throwback Thursday: During this Visit Florida breakfast media seminar, it brought back great memories the scenic drive that MoKenny and I did from the Florida Keys to Miami in this gorgeous red Ford Mustang convertible.

Holiday season is coming and our Canadian winter is getting colder, I know many peeps are planning for their next destination comes 2018. Perhaps consider the Florida Keys as your next vacation, enjoying the hot weather, fresh seafood and nice beaches.

Visit the Florida Keys website here.

Throwback Thursday: It also brought back the amazing dining experience at “Stoned Crab” located in the Florida Keys. Check out this fresh seafood platter. Just look at that huge lobster in this picture. You sure want to experience yourself when visiting the Florida Keys.



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