Game of Thrones Exhibition In Toronto


by Shaf

Another week gone by with another great episode of Game of Thrones

Yep I keep an eye on the episodes like a hawk! Never missing a beat.

But you know what else?

I also went to the Game of Thrones exhibition at the Bell Lightbox in Toronto.

What’s surprising is a lot of GOT fans weren’t even aware of an exhibition taking place.

Even so, the tickets were sold out and the only way in was to wait in line until space became available.

I dropped by last Thursday evening to check it out and the wait time was over two and a half hours…in the rain.

Good thing I had GOT fans to talk to during the wait.

Adrian & Vanessa

Here’s Adrian & Vanessa


The first thing I see when I enter the exhibition is the wall of every major character that’s died since the first season. I just had my cellphone to take pictures but here’s the image:


And of course who could forget the epic Red Wedding:


Ever had one of those days when you just had to put on armor and wage an epic battle?

Choose Your Weapon!

Choose Your Weapon!

And what kind of Game of Thrones exhibition would it be without limbs and severed body parts shown for display?

Jaime Lannister's beautiful severed right hand for display

Jaime Lannister’s beautiful severed right hand for display

Ok fine, maybe you might not be too thrilled about the severed right hand…maybe not even the weapons…

Maybe it’s the wardrobe that really piques your interest.

In that case




What about props?

WP_000639 WP_000640 WP_000642

And of course there was the “Ascend The Wall” Oculus Virtual Reality experience where you get to experience what it’s like to go up the elevator and see north of the wall.

But for the most part that’s pretty much it. The exhibit was rather contained in a small area. No iron throne to sit on like last time…but enjoyable nonetheless.

If you couldn’t go this year you should definitely check it out the next time it comes around…it’s free anyways so why not.

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