Game Of Thrones Season 5 Has Arrived


by Shaf Bashar

Here we are, another season of Game of Thrones!!

Bring out the beer, bring out the smoked bacon and bring out whatever else you can find to snack on.

This season like any other season will be epic!

Just on the side note, sources tell me that 4 episodes of GOT has been leaked onto torrent sites.

Now don’t you be downloading them! I don’t approve

So what happened last year in Game of Thrones?

Oh yeah, that’s right!

I was telling you about how Tyrion Lannister would survive to see the next season. And was I right? Was I???

I think it’s customary at a time like this to say:

told you so

See here’s the thing.

You would think Tyrion Lannister escaped the clutches of his twisted family, arrive somewhere safe and continue being his awesome self…right?

I think not.

It’s reasonable to think his life will go on the way it was. But here’s the thing, where else in Westeros do you find more action, more suspense, more harlots than King’s Landing?

No Where

Not north of the Wall

Not Winterfell

Not anywhere

So in reality Tyrion left the action and adventure far behind.

Where ever he is I bet the only action he gets is watching his beard grow.

Proof: There’s his beard in full growth

That little monster is out there somewhere drawing breath - Cersei Lannister

“That little monster is out there somewhere drawing breath” – Cersei

Alright let me land the dragon with Tyrion… I think this is Tyrion’s last season.

His Last Season!

(I haven’t read the book in case you’re wondering).

It just feels that way to me.

In any case, lots of things to look forward to this season. New characters, new plots, and definitely new surprises.

Just several hours away from the first episode fans!! Just several hours away…


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