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A lot of my followers know I am a busy guy. I am ALWAYS on the MOVE, covering hot events in Toronto, Canada, or traveling on press trips exploring different destinations around the world. There is always something exciting happening, and if the activities fit my schedule, and interest. How do I stay organized? Well, I use this social networking tool called “GetAssist.”

GetAssist is an ad-free social media tool that I use to keep me organized and stay on top of things. In the past, before I started using GetAssist, I tried to memorize my schedule. The reality is, I can’t remember everything. GetAssist is a great tool that I can count on.

I realize there are many social networking tools available, and I spent quite some time researching and testing out various tools and programs. I ended up choosing GetAssist because it has the features and tools that best help assist me in my day-to-day routine, and it has everything under one roof.

The dashboard is robust and it is easy to find and navigate around the program. The best part is I can access GetAssist via my desktop/laptop or via my Smartphone with the GetAssist app. That means I can access GetAssist 24/7. It’s super convenient!

GetAssist has two major components in the program:

1) GetAssist Social

2) GetAssist Business

In the GetAssist Social, I get to interact with various groups and communities for my social life. I can ask questions, meet, and connect with new people, create and join groups, organize my events in my calendar. It’s incredible the number of quality people I get to interact by using GetAssist Social.

As for GetAssist Business, it provides professional services that I need when I need to hire a plumber, or perhaps a snow removal company or a restoration company. At the same time, I can also be my own boss, creating a service for people who are looking for certain aspects of my skills, perhaps social media services, or learning how to use Instagram and run a social media account for their companies.

I know many people like to create a post on Facebook and ask their friends for recommendations for services such as seeking for a trustworthy auto mechanic. Still, most often, the person who made the post doesn’t receive many (if any) recommendations from their friends as they may not necessarily know about a particular service to recommend, and most often, the post isn’t active.

With GetAssist, it bypasses the need to post to seek for friends’ recommendations. Instead, you post what services you need, when you need it, the budget you are willing to pay and a professional in the GetAssist community will see your request and respond to you of the services that they offer in a timely fashion. You can negotiate with them and also know what type of services they offer. It’s quick, easy to use, and you get to talk to the expert that you are looking for. Easy peasy!

New Feature: FileBox

Many of my followers, friends, and family members know how much I love taking photos and videos. That’s because I like to take pictures and videos for my MoVernie BLOGs, travel videos, generating content, and my experiences with my followers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

FileBox is the latest new feature that is available at GetAssist. It’s FREE to use, thus saves businesses money; it’s straightforward and easy to find what I need, all in one easy to access place. It helps me organize my photos and raw videos so that for each event or press trip, I can categorize the content and store it in a safe spot.

Better yet, the FileBox allows me to share my content with specific groups in the GetAssist communities. For example, I can upload photos and videos and share them with the GA Official Social Community so other users can view my pictures. We can interact and share our travel experiences.

For example, a GetAssist user named “Lloyd Bodle” uploaded a selfie-and titled “I love San Diego” and shared with the community. I happened to have seen the photo, and I told Lloyd that I had visited San Diego one summer ago, and I also love San Diego, especially with the beaches and how down-to-earth the people are in San Diego.

Whether it’s for events or press trips, I most often like to open up a file and share the folder with other journalists so we can all put our photos and videos in one shareable place. With this new FileBox feature now available on GetAssist, we can definitely share our photos and videos into the FileBox moving forward.

Make a GetAssist Request Now!

No request is weird or odd. You can request for a snow removal company or a lawnmower company. In my case, I need to hire a band for a party! You can find your needs with GetAssist.

Try GetAssist Today!

Quite honestly, there are so many features and tools with GetAssist. I am still learning more and more every time I use it. I strongly think that there is something helpful in this program for everyone. For me, I enjoy the GetAssist Social aspect as I love connecting with people and share my content and photos/videos. Perhaps if you own a business and can provide your expert services, you will enjoy and spend more time on the GetAssist Business side of things.

GetAssist works for me, and I highly recommend you to check GetAssist out. Navigate around, learn the features, and see how these tools assist your business and social life. I know there are many online tools out there, and it can be overwhelming to learn and decide which program to choose. GetAssist helps make my life easier by connecting to the right people. It may or may not work for you, but have a look and see for yourself.

For more INFO about GetAssist:

1) Desktop Access: Go to

2) Download GetAssist App by using your Smartphone.


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