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The recent winter snow storm that just hit Toronto with a big pile of snow made me miss the warm weather and the fun activities that I did when I was in Kissimmee, Florida back in November of last year.

Moreover, as March break and the summer season is just around the corner, I am sure you are starting to plan for your next vacation for 2016. Whether you are a family planning for a trip with your children or young couples just wanted to have some lifestyle activities or outdoor adventures, I highly recommend you to consider Kissimmee, Florida as one of your destination options.

When people fly to Disney World, most of them would choose the Disney Resort as their accommodations. However, did you know that Kissimmee, Florida, which is just a 20-25 minutes drive from Disney World offers a variety of luxury, modern, chic resort homes that will fit your needs and lifestyle? Not only these resort homes are beautiful, they are also very competitive in terms of price.

Last November, I was travelling with a number of Social Media Influencers to Kissimmee, Florida and we stayed at the Global Resort Homes at Champions Gate. These are luxury resort homes that are managed by a management company. There are a large number of resort communities in Kissimmee. People actually buy and own these resort homes. However, they may stay at these homes for a few months or even just for a few weeks over the entire year.

What happens when they don’t stay around but travel elsewhere around the world? The management team will help them list out the resort homes for travelers so they can book for a week or stay for a weekend, etc.

When we arrived outside the Global Resort Home, we were informed that the homes ranged from 4,5,6,7 and 8 bedrooms. We stayed at a home that had 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. All of the homes at Champions Gate feature a master suite with king bed and are professionally decorated. My favourite part of the resort home? Each home comes with its own backyard with a barbecue, patio table and chairs. Most importantly, each home comes with its own swimming pool, Jacuzzi tub and the backyard comes with a private screen to prevent mosquitoes from sucking your fresh blood. Furthermore, all homes comes with a washer and dryer and FREE WIFI.


Every home is furnished so basically we are ready to move in and chill. There are comfy sofas and chairs throughout the entire home. Peeps can cook their own food or microwave some popcorn and watch a movie. It’s a luxury lifestyle. On top of that, during your stay, you have access to the 20,000 sq. ft. Oasis clubhouse (located near you), that provides outdoor water slides, lazy river, splash park, fitness centre, tiki bar and movie theatre, plus a playground and volleyball courts. If you want to be a baller, you can even rent a luxurious cabanas that is air-conditioned and comes with furniture and television. And it even comes with its own washroom with a shower stall. How baller is that? In my next MoVernie BLOG, I will talk more about my experience at the Oasis clubhouse. For this MoVernie BLOG, let’s focus on the resort home itself.

After telling you how fancy and how big this resort home is, your must be thinking that renting this resort home daily must be expensive. You are dead wrong! I got to admit, I thought it would cost me a fortune but it turns out renting a luxurious resort home like this is very reasonably priced. Depending on how long you rent the home, which month of the season you are renting the home, you are looking at about $400-$600USD (check its website for more up-to-date info.) a night for a home that ranges from 4-8 bedrooms. To me, that’s very competitive to what you pay for a smaller size room at Disney resort.

I think resort homes are perfect for family with children, or better yet, a few families spending together for a week. Imagine your family live in Toronto. Your sibling lives in Vancouver. Your parents live in Winnipeg. Imagine you all decided to fly to Kissimmee to spend for a week. Instead of renting a number of Disney resort rooms that are relatively small and hard for the entire family to hang out, the resort homes have the large amount of space for everyone. Everyone has their own bedrooms and ample number of bathrooms. Kids can play games and walk around the entire large home. Kids swim in the pool and adults chill at the Jacuzzi tub.


Although I don’t have a family of my own yet, but I could also see myself booking a resort home the next time I come to Kissimmee. Imagine we have a group of young couples? Instead of renting a hotel room each, we chip in to book for a large resort home. We have our own big bedroom along with our own bathroom. If we want to cook, we can cook with the kitchen appliances and dishes and cutlery are also available for us to use.

Instead of trying to find a restaurant that can accommodate the big group, I rather have dinner at the resort home, which is more comfortable and less stressful. In case you are tired after spending the entire day doing outdoor activities in Kissimmee or at the Disney theme parks and you don’t want to cook anymore. Not a problem! Global Resort Homes offer an optional home chef service where they will draft a food menu ahead of time for you to approve. When you are out having fun, the chef team can access your resort home (each resort home has its specific key code that changes after every traveller’s stay) so they can prepare the food in your kitchen. When you return home super tired, the chef begin preparing the food for you and your children. Now, that’s what you called “service”!

MoVernie Tips & Recommendations:

The following tips & recommendations will hopefully help maximize and make your experience an enjoyable one when you stay at one of the Global Resort Homes in Kissimmee, Florida:

– There are so many different types of resort homes that fits your needs. They even offer condominium, townhouse or single home styles. Make sure you check out all the different house types that fits your needs

– There are a number of resort community to choose from. The one that we stayed at is called the “Champions Gate”, which is one of the newest and nicest resort communities. Check out which resort community fits your style

– Many of these homes comes with a recreational room that includes foosball, pool table or other goodies. However, each home is different, so make sure you check out each resort home listing and see which one fits you

– During your stay, you have access to the Oasis club house, make sure you utilize the facilities and spend some time there. It’s a paradise

– Speaking of Oasis club house, we found that some resort homes are located a bit far from the club house. I would recommend that if you have family members who aren’t super mobile, you can drive your rental car to the club house as they have parking spots or simply choose a resort home that is in close proximity to the club house.

– I highly definitely recommend you to utilize the kitchen and prepare some food and enjoy the dining area

– Utilize the barbecue and the patio table

– Last but not least, make sure you dedicate a day just doing nothing and just chill all day in the swimming pool. Trust me, it was refreshing getting sunshine and swimming in cool water

Now, enough of me talking about this Global Resort Home, it’s time to check out some of the photos that I snapped during my stay at this 8-bedroom, 6-bathroom luxurious home at the Champions Gate.

Travel assistance was provided by Experience Kissimmee. As always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.



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