Godzilla Disaster Zone – Toronto


As we walked towards north of Dundas Square & continued to walk north along the busy Yonge Street, suddenly something caught the corner of my eyes. I saw a subway train on display, smashing on top of a car and a Toronto Sun newspaper stand. Then I saw a helicopter smashing the subway train. These props were all being used as a display for the new blockbuster movie called “Godzilla“.

As I looked up on the rooftop, I saw two cars flipped upside down as well (see photos below). Then, I saw Godzilla posters on the wall, indicating that the movie (distributed by Warner Bros.), Godzilla will be in theatres near us on May 16, 2014 (which is today).

A few minutes later, a Godzilla decorated truck approached the scene. Two military dressed staff got off the truck and told us to watch the trailer from the flat screen TV that was installed on the side of the truck. The staff were giving away Godzilla posters, tees and coffee mugs. They even posed photos with people. They even informed us that the director, Gareth Edwards will be on hand on May 15 at 6pm to greet the fans. The staff told the crowd that this display is called “Godzilla Disaster Zone“, that imitated part of the scene in the movie.

Honestly, this display is by far the most spectacular display I have ever seen. It gave us a feel of an Universal Studio with a tourist attraction to pose for photos.

If you want to check this display out, it should still be around during this long weekend. It’s located at Elm Street & Yonge Street intersection.

Below are the photos that I took at the Godzilla Disaster Zone in Toronto.

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