Gold Stone Noodle Restaurant Chinatown Toronto Closes After 4 Decades of Business – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Gold Stone Noodle Restaurant, one of my favourite Chinese restaurants is closing after 4 decades of serving authentic Hong Kong Style Chinese food in Chinatown Toronto.

The owner decided to close the business as he and his wife is getting old and wanted to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives. Also, their kids had grown up and none of them wanted to prolong the business or continue to run the business, prompting the end of the era for Gold Stone Noodle Restaurant.

I know back in 2018, the owner wanted to changed hands to another person who wants to learn the business and running the business. Coz I hardly see the owner during those times and I asked and they said he wanted a break and someone else is running it. I think it was an unique business model where the owner still hold the business, meanwhile he let someone runs the business. Not sure if due to the pandemic, the owner returned afterwards and being there more often ever since to oversee the business once again.

I first learned about the closure via reading an article from BlogTO, a local favourite blog site, and I felt sad that this restaurant is closing as it brought lots of memories for me dining here throughout my early university days and til now.

This was one of my go-to places after clubbing, when we got tipsy and hungry, Gold Stone opened late, so we can enjoy some comfort food, it offers good value, food are tasty, the portion feeds lots of people and we walked out happy and getting a nice sleep after heading home.

I also have many fond memories with the owner, who often stationed at the BBQ area and near the cashier area at the front. He often said to me, “Young man, how are you? Are you behaving?”. He sometimes would give me some free small plate of BBQ pork or asked me to try their soy sauce pig ears or soy sauce goose feet or perhaps an cold soy milk. I got to tell you, most Asian owners will not give out free stuff, but I guess I had developed a nice interaction with the owner, that bond will always be in my memory.

I also often seen his daughter helping out. She is always so energetic and talkative, we chatted often.

Anyhow, it’s sad to see Gold Stone closing down but I also wish the owner and his families all the best with their next life stages and enjoy the well-deserved retirement. Running a restaurant isn’t easy and they are there most of the time for pretty much 6 days a week, that’s lots of years with long working hours.

Some of my favourite food dishes eaten at Gold Stone Restaurant are the following:

– Century egg & sliced salty pork congee
– Seafood congee
– Beef brisket ho fun (soup noodles)
– Beef Mix egg soup noodles (beef stomach, beef intestines, beef brisket, beef tendon, beef liver)
– Shrimp rice roll
– BBQ duck
– BBQ pork & BBQ roasted pork
– Satay beef with ho fun
– Black bean sauce beef with crispy noodles
– Iced tea

These are my go-to food items. Do you have any favourite at Gold Stone Restaurant, I would be curious to know.

PS – Coz Gold Stone Restaurant is located beside a small street and at a corner, I often ordered walk-in take out and will always park my car on the side street temporarily, walked in and ordered my food and then I will stare my car while waiting. It’s those waiting time that I got to chat with the owner and the staff often and then I will head to my car and indulge my food at home.

I enjoyed watching the chef at the front preparing my congee, you could see the pipping hot congee  with boiling heat cooked up the ingredients. I also enjoyed watching the chef prepares my soup noodles. I will miss those experiences.

Thank you Gold Stone Restaurant for your wonderful 4 decades of business, serving great Chinese food for the tourists and the local communities. I just hope our tradition and cultural food prolongs with new blood who wants to learn and cook and preserving our Chinese culture and food.

Gold Stone Noodle Restaurant – Chinatown, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 266 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2E4
Phone: (416) 596-9053
Google Maps:

MoVernie FUN FACT: Did you know….Gold Stone is a very popular filming set for many TV shows or movies? For example, it was transformed into a Gotham City Chinese restaurant in a film set for the DC Titans.


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