Golden Thai


We went to Golden Thai for lunch. Love it! Love everything. Love the authentic taste, the variety of food items on the menu, great service, great price and the food served on time (which is key especially if you have an hour or less of your lunch time).

How many times have I said “I love this place”? LOL. Did I mentioned that I love the decor and the table setting of this place as well? The moment we stepped in, I felt like I was in Thailand. The wallpaper, the accessories and the decorations, all of them gave you that vibe.
Golden Thai Restaurant
We started off with an appetizer called the shrimp chips. It’s a big piece of shrimp chips that came with tasty satay sauce. The sauce isn’t super spicy so most of you can give it a try. The texture is nice, it’s not too watery nor too sticky. I love it!
Then we ordered the lunch specials. Basically, the lunch special allows you to order one item, two items or 3 items of a list of food items you can choose from. The lists goes from curry chicken, beef, spicy calamari, butterfly shrimps, some other vegetables items. There are at least 8-10 items that you can choose from.
I opted for spicy calamari and butterfly shrimps. Again, spicy calamari gave it a nice flavour but most people can handle the spice. I highly recommend the butterfly shrimp. Basically it’s like a crispy wonton that wrapped around the seared shrimp, giving it a variety of textures. It’s a MUST try! (see photos below)
Shrimp Chips with Satay Sauce
Spring Roll, Spicy Calamari, Butterfly Shrimps, Fried Noodles, Fried Rice & Salad

In addition to the items of food you chose, it also came with a spring roll, salad with a nice dressing, along with noodles and fried rice. All of these items for $8.95 + tax (for two items). With great plate proportion and great price, it filled up my stomach. I enjoyed it! Highly recommend this place, especially a great place to have lunch with your co-workers or clients’ meetings.
MoVernie vs Food Ratings:
Food Taste: 9/10
Plate Presentation: 7/10
Venue Decoration: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Price for the Buck: 9.5/10
Location Convenience: 8.5/10
NOTES: Must try the shrimp chips appetizer and the butterfly shrimps. Location is quite convenient, within walking distance or TTC Streetcars or parking lots around the restaurant.
Restaurant Information:
105 Church St. Toronto ON, M5C 2G8
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