Gordon Stollery Park – Markham, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


My parents know that I have a new travel segment called “Ontario Travel Series” during this past year in the pandemic, so they told me to check out this Gordon Stollery Park which is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. And it was indeed a hidden gem!

This Gordon Stollery Park is located right behind the Angus Glen Community Centre and located right beside the famous Angus Glen Golf Course. I was super amazed and I would like to dedicate this MoVernie BLOG to my lovely parents. During this pandemic, I try to be a good son and will drive my parents on joy ride or go to parks where they can get some sun shine and fresh air and maintain physical distancing.

My parents told me that this park is relatively new, it is very new and modern. There are lots of parking spots as the park is located beside the community centre that offers ample of parking space. In the park, in particular, I really like the metal sculpture that displays the words “Angus Glen”. I thought it was very neat.

Near the parking lot, there is a big playground gears more towards toddlers and little kids. At the far back, there is another big playground gears toward kids who are a bit older, say around 8-12 years old to play. There is also a basketball court along with a skate park. There is also a big soccer field at one corner. In the middle of the park, there is a huge section of benches, high tables and chairs for people to rest and there are public washrooms (check the City of Markham website to see if they are open as it wasn’t open when we were there).

In particular, there is a nice panoramic view of the Angus Glen Golf Course, it’s magnificent!

I really enjoy this park. I would never know about this park if it weren’t my parents who told me about this. Thanks Mom & Dad!

MoVernie FUN FACT: So…I was wondering why this park was named after “Gordon Stollery Park”, as I researched more, Mr. Gordon Stollery died unexpectedly while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands in 2011 at age 64. He is one of the country’s most successful businesspersons in Canada and he played an important role and helped shape what Markham it is today. He is the former president and owner of Angus Glen Golf Club and Stollery also developed the Angus Glen community (which is located right next to this park).

Gordon Stollery Park – Markham, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.Markham.ca
Address: 3990 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Markham, ON L6C 1P8
Phone: (905) 477-5530


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