Grand Bizarre Toronto – 41,000 square feet of space with an unique dining & entertaining experience


While I was having fun in Tokyo, Japan, my MoVernie SPIES were on an assignment to check out the all-new “Grand Bizarre Toronto“.

It’s a 41,000 square feet of venue space, providing an unique experience for peeps to dine, drink, be entertained with live performance shows and music.

It’s located in the Exhibition Area. This venue space ONLY opens every Saturday night. You can make reservation or just walk in. Every Saturday, the chefs will come up with a different set of food items and cocktails drinks.

You buy poker chips and you buy whatever food and drinks at the food and bar stations. The aim is to avoid awkwardness when splitting the bill. You just pay whatever you ate and drank.

Grand Bizarre Toronto
Address: 15 Saskatchewan Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3
Phone: (416) 595-9998

Twitter: @GrandBizarreTO
Instagram: @GrandBizarreTO
Facebook: @GrandBizarreTO


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