Grand Opening of Surmesur Custom MensWear


Surmesur means “made to measure” in french, as explained by the 2 fashion designers/owners. Surmesur is well-established in Quebec City and Montreal, so they have decided to set-foot to open up a Toronto location as well.

Grand opening of Surmesur as I was invited with a VIP access. Open bar, finger foods, got to meet up with the 2 young fashion entrepreneurs. They have injected technology to help tailormade your best fit suits, all using ipad, computerized screens to help you visualize how you look with certain fabrics and colour designs, along with state-of-the-art body scan to scan your body figure, every inch will help you look good at an affordable price!

On top of that, this store sells ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, belts, etc. It has everything you need in one store!

You got to check this amazing store located at 108 Queen.

Click here for its site.

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