GrandMaster – The Film by Wong Kar Wai


Director Wong Kar Wai, Actors Tony Leung & Zhang Ziyi’s latest film “GrandMaster” will be in North American’s theatres today. I know many of you would try to compare this version with the Donnie Yan’s Ip Man 1 and 2, I wouldn’t compare. Just treat this as two different story telling.

I enjoyed the sceneries of this GrandMaster movie. The slow motion, the emotions that build up in the film were top notch. This is film doesn’t just surrounds Ip Man, but also surrounds the historical of the marital arts and Zhang Ziyi took over the entire 2nd half of the film with a superb and possible acting nominations performance that I could tell you, she stole the show away from Tony Leung. And I am saying this, coming from a guy who normally not a big fan of Zhang Ziyi. LOL. She deserves the props for her great acting in this film.

The artistic imagery, the sound of the objects were signature directing moves by Wong Kar Wai. Believe it or not, the imagery that stick to my mind was the funeral march that the whole crew marched through the winter mountains and across the frozen ocean ice. That was breathtaking. Also, the water drips and the closing of the gate at the beginng of the film was memorable to me.

Remember, in martial arts, you only need to know 2 words: “Horizontal, Vertical”. Check out the film and you will understand!




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  4. Wong Kar Wai has got to be my favorite Asian film director that is out there. Zhang Yimou I think is the only one who could boot him out! Thanks for the post! I posted one as well for my blog. 🙂 I added your link because I really enjoyed your post! I cannot wait to see it tonight! I have been waiting forever for a new film, let alone another one about Ip Man!

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