Green Eggplant Restaurant – The Beaches

Welcome to Green Eggplant located at 2024 Queen Street East (The Beaches)

Yesterday, MoVernie was on the MOVE again. This time, I was invited to an Exclusive VIP Media Food Tasting Preview at this restaurant called “Green Eggplant“. Honestly, it’s quite an interesting restaurant name and I was told that green eggplant is a very rare ingredient but is important in the Mediterranean Cuisine.

What’s different from this media food tasting event from most of my other events was that most of the other restaurants that I went, they were brand new and was just opened. In contrast, Green Eggplant had been in the business for over 10 years at the beaches and it had already developed quite a good name around the area. Families in the local areas know about this place and this is a place to be if you are around the area. However, Green Eggplant did move a few stores down to give the restaurant a new look with new equipment, new decor and most importantly, bigger space to accommodate more patrons.

Nice decor with beautiful paintings from a local artist.

I got to admit, I never knew about this restaurant until yesterday and that’s why media food tasting events such as this one is important to bring awareness to our Social Media Influencers’ attention so we can share our dining experience and information to our followers.

The moment I looked at the food menu, there were all kinds of food items available. It had a wide variety of food selections from pasta to burgers, to seafood to steak, the list goes on and on. It took me a while to decide what I want to eat as there were just so many food items that I wanted to try. I had to request our lovely server to take orders from others first and come back to me later. That’s how tough it was for me to pinpoint to one item out of so many goodies.

My own name tag with my handle, very nice touch!

It was definitely a cozy evening with a good group of Social Media Influencers. From cocktails, to appetizers, to entree, it was delicious and did I mention every food item had a gigantic food portion? I would think 99% of the time, everyone who eats at Green Eggplant will need a take-out bag to bring it home to finish the rest of your meal. I was no exception, I took it to work the next day and it was still delicious. My co-worker asked me where I got my steak that smell so good. I proudly told them it’s from Green Eggplant.

My meal of the evening. A NY Stirloin Steak cooked to the perfection with medium rare and added a skewer of jumbo shrimps. The mash red-skin potato was delicious and in good chunks, HUGE portion.

Check out the delicious food and cocktails photos that I snapped at Green Eggplant below. Or if you want to go try the Green Eggplant, they are located at 2024 Queen Street East. There are ample number of street parking or if you prefer Green P, it’s just around the corner.

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And MoVernie is outta here!

Crispy Calamari

Vodka Beezer

Rack of lamb with jumbo shrimp skewer

Rainbow trout on a sizzling plate

Chicken Schnitzel that is bigger than my whole hand.

Lobster and shrimp pasta

Veggie Mountain Salad.


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