Happy Hour – Buck a Shuck Grilled Oysters & $6 Goose Island Beers – Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor – Toronto, Canada


As my previous MoVernie BLOG had indicated, if I can give Uncle Ray’s 10 stars out of a 5-star rating system, I would, coz it’s that good! I have decided to come back to Uncle Ray’s a few days later to check out its Happy Hour that serves buck a shuck grilled oysters as well as $6 Goose Island beers.

The REASON I came back to Uncle Ray’s so soon was coz my friends saw the delicious photos that I posted from my initial dining experience that they wanted to dine here with me. Since I was around the area before our dinner time, I had decided to come early for the Happy Hour.

From Monday to Friday, 4-6 pm, it’s $1 grilled oyster and $6 Goose Island beers. You can order any number of grilled oyster as you please (you can order 2 or 4 or how many you like). As for me, I ordered 8 grilled oysters ($8) and I ordered a Goose Island sour ($6) and a regular Goose Island IPA ($6).

I overheard from other patrons who were also sitting around the bar area that they preferred raw oysters. I personally like freshly shucked oysters but at Uncle Ray’s, I prefer the grilled oysters coz of the green onions they sprinkled on each oyster and the garlic sauce they place on each oyster was delicious. Plus, they don’t over cooked them, it’s nicely done. Besides, you can get raw oyster buck a shuck deal at many other restaurants, but you can’t always order grilled oysters at a buck a shuck.

Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor
Website: www.WhoTheHellIsUncleRay.com
Address: 9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E 1M2
Phone: (647) 349-7297

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